Pisces Horoscope for September 2023

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Your Horoscope for Pisces

This is a good month, especially after you get through the somber full moon of August 30 in Pisces, 7 degrees. You may still be feeling the effects of this full moon as you enter September and as that full moon gradually wanes, by September 4.

Ever since Saturn entered your sign on March 7, you have been taking new responsibilities. The load may be heavy, but at the same time, you are learning a great deal—Saturn is the planet that matures us. Saturn also teaches us that the things that we worked the hardest on are the ones we are proudest to say we accomplished. Readers who were born February 20-28 are feeling full effects of Saturn in Pisces now.

A need for stability and security drives a lot of your thinking now, the reason many people with Saturn in the house of their natal Sun tend to start a business, marry, go to graduate school, write a book, buy a house, or have a baby—one of these or another big step you have taken, or will take, may appeal to you now.

Said another way, having Saturn conjunct the transiting full moon often brings on a yearning to create long-term stability and a sturdy foundation for your future. You want your time to count for something important, your decisions in coming months will reflect this underlying serious determination to accomplish that.

Saturn is opposite the Sun this month (and especially right now if you have a February birthday), so take good care of yourself and do all the things that your doctor tells you to do to stay strong and healthy. Have routine screenings even though you are very busy—don’t skip them. Ask your doctor if you need to take certain vitamins, a flu shot, or other preventative medicine. Check, in particular, iron and calcium levels in your body—Saturn can be draining to both—and schedule a blood test to find out. (Don’t just take more vitamins without knowing. You can hurt yourself.) Saturn in Pisces can be draining, and you will certainly need more sleep.

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