Pisces Horoscope for September 2022

Your September Horoscope for Pisces

There are so many ways this could play out. You may have a very happy relationship with your family and realize your mother or father needs you to assist them, to give advice, find solutions, or to simply be present more often. In a different manifestation, if your daughter had a baby, for example, you may need to be with her and possibly live in her house for a while to help her.

Alternatively, Mars may put a big spotlight on your present home, perhaps because you are renovating it, making a number of repairs that will take months to complete, or you may want to buy a fixer-upper and work on it for months. If you are moving, that would fit too, for moving takes a yeoman’s effort and in many ways is a nearly all-consuming focus. If you plan to buy property, before you ever get to move you have plenty of paperwork to present to the bank, and it has to be accurate. (With Mercury retrograde, the chances for errors or inaccuracies mount, so have your accountant involved in the preparation.)

The reason Mars is spending so long in one sign is that he will go retrograde next month in the middle of his long journey through Gemini.

Mars will be in Gemini from August 20 to March 25, 2023, and will be retrograde in Gemini from October 30 to January 12.

Never plan to take action on or near the date a planet goes retrograde or direct. Always leave a space of days. Mars retrograde will cause delays. Let’s say you are renovating, and your contractor suddenly finds something wrong in the structure of the house that has to be fixed before he can continue. Things like that happen. In a way, Mars’ tour of Gemini will be like alternating current, going back and forth.

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