Pisces Horoscope for September 2022

Your September Horoscope for Pisces

If you are in love and want to get engaged soon, I still like early October better. If you are already married, you may be making plans together for something important—to buy a house or condo, to renovate, or to buy or rent a vacation home. It could be that you will go into business together. If you always wanted to travel to a place you never thought you’d see, you and your spouse may plan that trip. As long as you don’t buy your air or cruise tickets while Mercury is retrograde, you can plan now and have fun traveling later.

Now let’s turn to your biggest moment of the month, perhaps the biggest moment this season—the full moon September 10 in Pisces, 18 degrees. This full moon is absolutely dazzling. I feel you will be thrilled by all that occurs. Uranus, the planet of surprise, is in Taurus, 19 degrees, and will send a fantastic beam to both the Sun and full moon. The full moon is in Pisces, and your ruler Neptune will be conjunct, adding poetry and a lyrical quality that is rare. The moon in your solar chart rules romance, creativity, and children, so it looks like the weekend of September 10-11 will sparkle brightly.

The Sun in your chart rules your work-a-day assignments, so this full moon may have something to do with a project you worked hard on and will now be revealed, garnering you critical acclaim. Alternatively, you might now be approved for a new project that makes you very happy because you’ll be able to add plenty of your imagination, creativity, and style. Alternatively, it might bring you an important publishing or public speaking assignment.

It is impossible to guess what Uranus is cooking up because his very nature is to bring something you’d never be looking for as possible. Uranus is based in your travel house, so you might take a quick, spontaneous trip over the September 10-11 weekend, one you had not planned, but when you get the invitation, you’ll feel it is too special to miss.

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