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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You depended upon others to help you quite a bit in August. Mars was touring your partnership sector (seventh house) which rules people you align with in love and marriage and in business. Usually, the seventh house rules people with whom you have made a serious promise, and often (but not always) a contract exists between you and that person.

Last month had a strong emphasis on work and health, and the new moon of August 8 was a monster, so some Pisces were not well, or were advocates for a friend or relative who was in the hospital or shut in. That influence is fading, but you need to be in sync with others on your team and not do everything yourself. The new moon in Virgo, 15 degrees, will give you an opportunity to form a new and very successful alliance—that new moon will arrive on September 6.

This new moon, September 6, is outstandingly positive. The part that I especially love is that Uranus will be in ideal angle to the transiting Sun in Virgo, so many Pisces readers will get engaged or wed. Uranus makes things happen passionately and very suddenly. On the other hand, if you have been thinking of hiring a key member for your staff, someone that can either assist you or provide specialized expertise and collaborate with you in a one-on-one way, you will find the right person.

Uranus is based in your third house of communication, so you may be collaborating with someone on your team. You may be huddled with your agent who is traveling for you or with your writing partner if you are working on a screenplay. You may be working closely with your art director or museum gallery owner who represents you if you are a photographer. If you are a writer, you may be working closely with your editor as you get ready to publish your work.

Be sure you are entering any relationship with your eyes open. Neptune will oppose the new moon September 6 and conjoin the full moon, September 20 in Pisces (which I will discuss in a minute). Neptune is the planet governing the arts and unconditional love, so if you are working on a highly creative project, you will have plenty to be proud to show the world. In this case, Neptune will help your collaboration. However, if you have assumed too much about the person you are aligning with in love or business, reality will come crashing down on you later. Do your due diligence.

Mars will remain in Virgo during the first half of the month, until September 14. Virgo is 180 degrees away from Pisces, and having Mars opposed to your natal Sun is not so easy. You are coming up again strong headwinds, and you are somewhat at the mercy of the forces around you. This is temporary, and this situation will change. Keep to your program.

The new moon will bring along several other aspects not related to the new moon but occurring at the same time, nevertheless. So, as said, stick to your program and have faith that you will prevail. Don’t doubt yourself.

Mars and Pluto will be in sync (in a divine trine), setting up a link between your partner or spouse and an influential friend on September 6. This could bring help from a powerful friend.

Your very best romantic day, hands down, will be September 29, when Venus in Scorpio will be trine Neptune in Pisces This is as good as it gets!

Mercury and Saturn will be working together too, also in a heavenly trine on September 4, but still strong on the new moon, so promises made will stay in place for a long time and bring a comforting sense of security to you.

Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius will also be in sync on the very same day, September 6, and bring you news of money coming from a confidential source.

Once Mars moves into Libra on September 14, to stay until October 30, you will enter a period of financial management. You may decide to do some savvy tax planning with your accountant before year’s end or talk to your banker about being granted a line of credit for the business you own. (Pisces loves to be self-employed.) You might consolidate debt or work with your lawyer on an inheritance that a kind relative bestowed to you. You may see a lawyer who specializes in estates, proxies, and wills. You may be filling out papers for a mortgage or university financial aid. You may be discussing your retirement portfolio with your financial advisor to see how your investments have performed.

The eighth house is where big dreams are hatched but need funding beyond what most people would have in reserve. The eighth house requires preparation, paperwork, and meetings, and in order to be successful, how you paid your bills in the past would have bearing on things now. If you lost your job and couldn’t pay on time, don’t worry, you can always start fresh. The pandemic did this to many people, so you are not alone. After October 30, your expenses will not be as intense, and you will feel in better control over your cash flow. You can rebuild. Forbes magazine reports that there are more Pisces and Virgo billionaires than any other sign—you always focus on the product, not the money, insisting on excellence, the reason the universe so often rewards you.

On Thursday, September 16, you may have a VIP friend go out of his or her way for you—it is a wonderful day to reach out for assistance to attain a goal.

The full moon will appear on September 20 in Pisces at 28 degrees and will be the only full moon in your sign this year. This is a big moment, for something dearly important to you is about to reach fruition. I can’t tell you what that might be—only you would know. Something you’ve wanted or worked on for many weeks or months is now coming to a grand finale. It’s a happy moment.

I do know that once Venus moves to Scorpio, your personal life will take on a new patina. Venus will enter on September 10 and remain until October 7.

The only bad day to have a first date or to talk over a problem with your one-and-only, or even with a work-related partner, would be September 23 when Venus receives an opposition from unpredictable Uranus. The only way to describe this day would be a train wreck. Keep to yourself with your head down and out of the line of fire. Relationships with people abroad won’t go well either, nor would a talk with your editor about a manuscript. Money talks would go all wrong. This is a day to hide.

A far better day to make decisions about investments, or any money matter with your financial advisor or lawyer, would be September 25. Be careful, though, as Mercury retrograde is soon to close in on you—September 26 to October 18.

Your very best romantic day, hands down, will be September 29, when Venus in Scorpio will be trine Neptune in Pisces. This is as good as it gets! This falls on a Wednesday, but I still want you to go out—celebrate your love for your partner. Have a first date in a pretty, European style coffee shop. This is an enchanting day on so many levels. Choose a new scent or, for women, new makeup colors for the new season. This day will be soft and poetic—perfect for you. If your birthday falls within five days of March 13, you will get a double dip of pleasure.

I am aware that Mercury will be retrograde starting September 26, but sometimes I come across a day so heavenly I have to disregard that. (Well, don’t buy a computer, or a smart phone during the retrograde.) Mercury is mainly about communication, so make sure you both know the right time to meet and, if the restaurant has two locations, that you go to the right one. Otherwise, you should be fine. Mercury can be annoying, but regarding love, you seem free and clear on this gorgeous evening.


You had a taste of good-fortune Jupiter in Pisces from May 13 to July 28, and now Jupiter has retrograded back to Aquarius to finish out his tour of duty in that sign. Even though Jupiter was in Pisces a short time, luck was on your side, and you may have had a glimpse of your glittering Emerald Year to come. Jupiter will stay for a longer time in 2022, and your big year starts December 29, 2021, extending into 2022.

Jupiter takes 12 years to circle the Sun, so the last time Jupiter visited Pisces was 2010. You can see how rare and special this upcoming period will be for you. That year didn’t have the supportive aspects you will have 2022, so I expect the coming year to be much bigger and better for you than 2010 could ever have been.

The glorious new moon in Virgo will fall in your seventh house of marriage and partnership on September 6. In the news, it’s been reported that couples are getting engaged and starting to plan their weddings in a post-pandemic spirit of optimism, and that might include to you. That’s exciting! You may get engaged, out of the blue in early September. If you are ready, there is no reason to wait.

If you are already married, you may hear news from your partner that you find surprising. You will like what you hear too. The reason news would be unexpected is that Uranus will be active and very harmonious to the Sun and new moon. It’s impossible to guess what Uranus will bring, for it is his nature to bring something you’d have not imagined likely or possible. News comes out of left field.

If you are not thinking about getting engaged or wed and are not married or in an established partnership, you might start working with this new moon by hiring an expert to help you get ahead in business. You might hire an agent, a digital consultant, an advertising agency to do your ads, or a social media manager. You might need a manager, business partner, new accountant, or lawyer, or you could join forces with any other specialist. It’s a good time to do so.

Venus, the love-me planet of beauty, luxury, romance, and happiness, will move into Scorpio, a divinely harmonious place for Venus to be, from September 10 to October 7. If you are single, Venus will boost your social life. If you hope to buy new things to wear in the coming season, shopping when Venus is in Scorpio would be the time to do it. Keep in mind that Mercury will be retrograde from September 26 to October 18, so if you want to improve your appearance (and this includes expensive Botox and fillers from your dermatologist), make your appointment on your best day, September 20.

Mars, currently in the same sector of partnerships and marriage, a basically contractual house where promises are made, is in a happy mood and will reach out to Pluto, who is also feeling cheerful. Pluto is in your house of hopes and wishes, so this bodes well for your push to find a partner to take you to the next level.

Something big is coming to a crest on September 20, for the full moon will fall in Pisces. Your sign is known to be highly creative, always working on various projects that can showcase your talents. This full moon appears to be directly related to a highly imaginative project, one that you will be proud to say you worked on. This should be a dazzling moment in your timeline and likely be a moment you will always remember. Whatever happens, it may include some exiting publicity for work well done. Early on, put champagne on ice to have the moment when it arrives within five days of September 20.

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