Pisces Horoscope for September 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Your very best romantic day, hands down, will be September 29, when Venus in Scorpio will be trine Neptune in Pisces. This is as good as it gets! This falls on a Wednesday, but I still want you to go out—celebrate your love for your partner. Have a first date in a pretty, European style coffee shop. This is an enchanting day on so many levels. Choose a new scent or, for women, new makeup colors for the new season. This day will be soft and poetic—perfect for you. If your birthday falls within five days of March 13, you will get a double dip of pleasure.

I am aware that Mercury will be retrograde starting September 26, but sometimes I come across a day so heavenly I have to disregard that. (Well, don’t buy a computer, or a smart phone during the retrograde.) Mercury is mainly about communication, so make sure you both know the right time to meet and, if the restaurant has two locations, that you go to the right one. Otherwise, you should be fine. Mercury can be annoying, but regarding love, you seem free and clear on this gorgeous evening.


You had a taste of good-fortune Jupiter in Pisces from May 13 to July 28, and now Jupiter has retrograded back to Aquarius to finish out his tour of duty in that sign. Even though Jupiter was in Pisces a short time, luck was on your side, and you may have had a glimpse of your glittering Emerald Year to come. Jupiter will stay for a longer time in 2022, and your big year starts December 29, 2021, extending into 2022.

Jupiter takes 12 years to circle the Sun, so the last time Jupiter visited Pisces was 2010. You can see how rare and special this upcoming period will be for you. That year didn’t have the supportive aspects you will have 2022, so I expect the coming year to be much bigger and better for you than 2010 could ever have been.

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