Pisces Horoscope for September 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

On Thursday, September 16, you may have a VIP friend go out of his or her way for you—it is a wonderful day to reach out for assistance to attain a goal.

The full moon will appear on September 20 in Pisces at 28 degrees and will be the only full moon in your sign this year. This is a big moment, for something dearly important to you is about to reach fruition. I can’t tell you what that might be—only you would know. Something you’ve wanted or worked on for many weeks or months is now coming to a grand finale. It’s a happy moment.

I do know that once Venus moves to Scorpio, your personal life will take on a new patina. Venus will enter on September 10 and remain until October 7.

The only bad day to have a first date or to talk over a problem with your one-and-only, or even with a work-related partner, would be September 23 when Venus receives an opposition from unpredictable Uranus. The only way to describe this day would be a train wreck. Keep to yourself with your head down and out of the line of fire. Relationships with people abroad won’t go well either, nor would a talk with your editor about a manuscript. Money talks would go all wrong. This is a day to hide.

A far better day to make decisions about investments, or any money matter with your financial advisor or lawyer, would be September 25. Be careful, though, as Mercury retrograde is soon to close in on you—September 26 to October 18.

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