Pisces Horoscope for September 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Be sure you are entering any relationship with your eyes open. Neptune will oppose the new moon September 6 and conjoin the full moon, September 20 in Pisces (which I will discuss in a minute). Neptune is the planet governing the arts and unconditional love, so if you are working on a highly creative project, you will have plenty to be proud to show the world. In this case, Neptune will help your collaboration. However, if you have assumed too much about the person you are aligning with in love or business, reality will come crashing down on you later. Do your due diligence.

Mars will remain in Virgo during the first half of the month, until September 14. Virgo is 180 degrees away from Pisces, and having Mars opposed to your natal Sun is not so easy. You are coming up again strong headwinds, and you are somewhat at the mercy of the forces around you. This is temporary, and this situation will change. Keep to your program.

The new moon will bring along several other aspects not related to the new moon but occurring at the same time, nevertheless. So, as said, stick to your program and have faith that you will prevail. Don’t doubt yourself.

Mars and Pluto will be in sync (in a divine trine), setting up a link between your partner or spouse and an influential friend on September 6. This could bring help from a powerful friend.

Your very best romantic day, hands down, will be September 29, when Venus in Scorpio will be trine Neptune in Pisces This is as good as it gets!

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