Pisces Horoscope for October 2021

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Your eighth house also covers inheritance, and if some family members are not happy about how the money was distributed to the heirs, there may be angry discussions or even a court case. Insurance is also covered by the eighth house, so if you filed a claim and are not happy with the answer the insurance company sent you, you might want to file an appeal (yes, do it). If you are a college student and applied for financial aid, and this year of you are offered less aid than you received last year and are shocked, you can also file an appeal to present your reasons why you would like the committee to reassess your application. When something seems “off” to you (or unfair), it is fine to appeal during Mercury retrograde in an effort to realign something into greater fairness and balance.

If you have caught someone stealing from you, personally or in your own business, it will be a longer discussion, requiring backup paperwork from the perpetrator. That person will likely resist your request to show it to you. You may need a lawyer, forensic accountant, or even a court order to get the backup if the person you suspect is uncooperative. If the person is innocent, the paperwork will prove it. Still, Mars is moving quickly though this financial area of your chart, so you might be able to settle things faster than you first assume.

The eighth house also rules surgery. You might schedule an operation this month, for this house is called the house of transformation. In this case, the surgeon removes the part of you that has hurt you, and afterwards you recover and transform your health. If you need emergency surgery, you can and should have it done even while Mercury is retrograde.

If you have elective surgery, it might be best to schedule it after Mercury is moving direct.

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