Pisces Horoscope for October 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Here is another stellar day for financial matters: October 18, when energetic Mars will receive golden beams from Jupiter, so on this day, actions lead to profit, expansion, and a likely very favorable financial outcome. Wait a day or two for Mercury (who is retrograde until October 18—more on that in a moment) to work itself out, because Mars and Jupiter will remain close. This aspect happens once or sometimes twice a year, although some years this aspect (or one similarly favorable) doesn’t happen at all.

Now, depending on your chart and where other natal planets are based, Mars could trigger arguments from someone near you. Mars has a well-known tendency to bring noise to matters covered by the house he is visiting. Mars is traveling close to the new moon and Sun, to exact degree, so that will add plenty of energy. So, for example, if you are trying to divide property at the end of a marriage or business, your soon-to-be ex-partner could become contentious in discussions. Have various solutions ready that you could offer if talks heat up. Huddle with your accountant or lawyer ahead of time to create those solutions.

The eighth house is more than the paying of bills and receiving money deemed for you. It also rules wills, estates, proxies, and other such legal documents that you need to have in place, especially if you have children. This may be the time to sit down with a specialist lawyer who deals in these types of legalities and create the paperwork. Wait until the third week of the month to see a lawyer. Here is why.

Mercury is retrograde, which started September 26 and will continue to October 18. This adds another twist to the matter of money, for Mercury will retrograde in this same financial house, your eighth house of other of other people’s money. Mistakes happen during these periods, so make sure no unauthorized charges show up on your bank statements or credit card bills. Guard against identity theft, and if you are currently suffering from someone who has assumed your identity, seek out the steps you can take to clear your name—do so immediately if this happened to you. You have planetary help now, so use it.

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