Pisces Horoscope for October 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Mars is in this house, and Mars often increases spending, so you may see your credit card balances or line of credit climb, but only this month. You may have already seen balances rise last month because Mars entered Libra, your eighth house of other people’s money, on September 14 but will leave October 30. Mars is brash, and he wants things to happen immediately, so believe me, this will be a productive month—financial matters will get settled.

I love that Saturn, planet of stability, will be in ideal angle to this October 6 new moon. This tells me your actions this month will add to your sense of security. Jupiter will be friendly too, although I wish Jupiter were in a closer, tighter aspect to the new moon. Nevertheless, Jupiter is still within 10 degrees (which is on the borderline of significance) of a sextile to the new moon, an aspect of opportunity. I will take it and say this will help you. Later, at the full moon, Jupiter will be in perfect angle to the Sun, so I will take that, too! Ha, ha.

On October 15, good-fortune Jupiter will signal the mighty Sun. This is due to be a red-letter day for you, so use this fantastic day for any financial initiation. Jupiter will be mathematically in tight exchange with the Sun—that’s ideal—so you will be wildly favored. Use this day to speak with an authority figure who can benefit you with a financial matter. If you need a bank loan or mortgage, or you need to refinance your present mortgage, make your appointment for this day. This is also a stunning day to close on the sale or purchase of a house, to send in an application for a grant, to make an appeal to an insurance company, or to ask for money of the university financial aid department. I love this day for you!

In your career, you seem to be generating plenty of respect and admiration from VIPs. Venus will move into your tenth house of prestigious professional achievements and reputation on October 7 and remain there until November 5.

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