Pisces Horoscope for October 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller


You are a spiritual, creative soul, not often obsessed with money management, but this month the universe says it’s time to look over your bank statements and to examine your income, savings, and investments. You might want to make some adjustments before you get to the end of the year. One reason you will be so focused on money is due to the new moon of October 6, which will appear in Libra, your solar eighth house of other people’s money.

Saturn will send stabilizing rays to the new moon, October 6, so your progress will be gratifying. Saturn will help you build a sturdy foundation for your financial goals, and Jupiter, communicating with Mercury, means the financial gains and rewards you see this month should please you.

This lovely new moon—friendly in every way—will be accompanied by her partner the Sun, as well as by Mercury and his brother Mars. Mercury is currently retrograde, a trend that started September 26 and will continue until October 18. Check your bank and credit card statements carefully to make sure no on has made unauthorized charges to your account. Occasionally, financial institutions make errors or crooks try to gain from your good name. The sooner you catch a problem, the easier it will be to have it corrected.

If you need to apply for college financial aid, a mortgage, a refinance plan, or a bank loan, see your banker just after the new moon on October 6 and get things in motion. Alternatively, if you want to make an insurance claim, apply for a government program for pandemic aid, or feel it’s time to do a little savvy tax planning for year-end, then call your accountant. Applications take time to work their way through institutions, so hopefully, you will hear back near the favorable full moon in the third week of October.

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