Pisces Horoscope for October 2020

A Note from Susan Miller

October 2020

Dear Reader:

October is due to be a unique month that will not be easy for any of us. The planets will be in a frenzy, the likes of which I have rarely seen. If you feel you’ve seen enough surprises this year, I am sorry to report that there will be a slew of them in October. Warrior Mars is one of the prime instigators, but surprise-a-minute Uranus will play a leading part, too. Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury will stir the pot as well and add to the turmoil.

When the planets get this way, it is because they want to shake up the status quo and force us to confront languishing situations that many of us would prefer not to address. As you see, there is method in the planets’ madness. One thing you can rely on is that when planets are in harsh angle to each other, the universe brings enormous energy so that you can deal with what happens. Sweet aspects—trines and positive, happy conjunctions—are always prized, but they make us a little lazy. Squares and oppositions are the hard aspects, but they sure do bring high energy. The universe will always give you the tools you need when it brings you a challenge.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The month to come is not an ordinary month. There will be many strange twists and turns, and just when you thought you had everything organized and nailed down, something else will come up. We are all in this together, dear Pisces. No one, of any sign, is going to find the going easy in October. It will get easier by the second half of November, I promise. I have never seen so many planets pick arguments with each other—and when they throw pies at each other, we can feel the commotion in the air down below, here on Earth.

Financial management is taking a lot of your time, which is not usual for you. You are a good manager of money, and Forbes magazine says Pisces and Virgo turn out to be the wealthiest signs of the zodiac. I feel that’s because you put the emphasis on quality and pleasing your client base rather than finding clever ways to rake in a lot of cash.

Mars entered Aries, your financial solar second house, on June 27, and instead of staying his usual six weeks, Mars will remain in this money-oriented part of your chart for six months, until January 6, 2021. That can be hard to deal with, as Mars in this place is known to temporarily force up expenses. If you lost your job in the pandemic, you will have good aspects in November and even better ones in December. The coming solar eclipse of December 14 could have you winning a high profile prestigious job or, if self-employed, an illustrious client, and the money will follow. If you are working for an employer, a promotion or offer from a competitor could come up in December—it could be the best Santa will have to give you.

October is frustrating because in the middle of Mars’ visit to your second house of earned income, he will be retrograde for a portion of the time. Mars already started his backward slide on September 9 and will finally go direct November 13. In the meantime, payments you expected may be held up, or a job you are interviewing for might temporarily go on a freeze. Mars is the gas on the stove that gets things cooking, and without an active, robust Mars, you will find everything takes more time, energy, and money to fix, launch, or complete. It is a hard and fast rule in astrology never to have a product launch or open the doors of a new business or do anything important during Mars retrograde—those ventures simply tend not to succeed. It is not a good time to start a new romantic relationship, either.

In this same part of your chart, your second house of earned income, a full moon arrived October 1 and brought to your attention things you had to fix. That full moon was in hard angle to Saturn and Pluto, so you might find it ridiculously hard to get paid what you were promised, whether it’s a commission from work, child support from an ex, or an insurance payment. It’s like the world has frozen in place, but the thaw will come by mid-November.

Mars is making your expenses high, which is not helping matters, but that could be due to changes in your lifestyle. You may have decided to go back to graduate school, move house, or buy your first condo. You might be having a baby or starting your own business. If you are already self-employed (the way most Pisces prefer to work), you might have already introduced a new product or service in the marketplace and now need to repay a bank loan. These types of lifestyle changes often entail a large outlay of cash but, of course, form the foundation of your life.

Perhaps you are not being paid on time by one or more of your clients because a good client is actually struggling financially but covering up their troubles with bravado—even being aggressive and pompous—so that you won’t know how severe their money troubles are right now.

Make it a point to use the stunningly beautiful and lucky communication between Jupiter and Neptune—both your ruling planets—which are in perfect sync October 12. When they are in great harmony, like they are now, it means it’s so very good for you. They won’t be in communication again until 2022. Work on a dream, dear Pisces, because despite this wild and wooly month, dreams, for you, do come true.

During the full moon period (October 1-5), you might want to look at your credit card statements a little closer than usual because there might be an unauthorized charge, or there could be frustrating errors on your credit report. With Mars square Pluto and Saturn (a very harsh aspect), any errors you might find will take time to fix. If you are in a partnership, I hesitate to say this, but one of your employees may be draining money out of your business for himself. As you can see, there is a lot of emphasis on money.

Venus will be observing all this commotion, and as the planet of beauty, harmony, and love, she will find the ruckus that Mars is causing in early October troubling. Venus will reach out to Mars from across the skies in a beautiful, affirming trine position (the best aspect possible) to remind Mars of their love. By doing this, she will effectively set up a link between Mars in your earned income house and where she is positioned, your house of work projects and assignments. If someone owes you money, Venus will urge you to be calm, polite, and charming to resolve the matter.

Now let’s turn to another event—Mercury, which is Mars’ little copycat brother, will go retrograde too, from October 13 to November 3. As you see, this month will emphasize the need to look back, not forward. Mercury will retrograde in your other financial house, your eighth house of other people’s money. This would be the worst month possible to try to reach a settlement of the division of property in a divorce or at the end of a business. You need to get away from these frustrating aspects to get any kind of deal that will please you. If you are trying to negotiate any kind of deal, say, with a labor leader, put it off until mid-November.

Now until now, you see you have Mars retrograde in your second house of income (and Mars usually brings noise, so that could be arguments about money) and a full moon there on October 1, operative for four additional days. Across the other side of the horoscope wheel you have Mercury retrograde in your eighth house of other people’s money, and guess what—you have the new moon there, October 16.

Usually a new moon in this area of your chart would help you apply for a mortgage or other bank loan, and it will to some degree, but this new moon is very flawed. The problem is, Mars will directly oppose—and attack—the new moon and Sun. Further, Mars will also attack Saturn and Pluto in your house of hopes and wishes, so it appears you may have to put on hold a plan or event you were dearly looking forward to.

If a friend or sweetheart needs money from you, be wary—it is doubtful you will ever see that money again. I know it is hard to turn down someone in need, so if you do loan the money to a friend, and you don’t want it to be an outright gift, then draw up a simple contract for you both to sign outlining your expectations.

Saturn and Pluto will send a 90-degree square to the Sun and new moon October 16, which is a draining aspect that could lower your immunity. I expect a second wave of the coronavirus to start to build this month and to be in full blown peak by November 12, the last meeting of Pluto and Jupiter. These two planets have been spreading the virus, and they’ve had three conjunctions, April 4, June 29-30, and now, fresh and robust after having been retrograde and are now direct, they will meet on November 12. Once Pluto and Jupiter part, they will not meet again for 13 years.

According to my mathematics, the peak of the coronavirus will not flatten enough until mid-December, and by Christmas, or more likely by January 12, news of an effective vaccine will likely be announced by the scientific community. However, it will be months until we all have access to it. The mask is still the most effective protection against illness and possibly even better than the coming vaccine, which might only be 50% to 70% effective. Do not fall victim to pandemic fatigue. Keep up all your social distancing, hand washing, and mask wearing. Where will the virus outbreak be? That’s up to you—if you stay vigilant, you can avoid it.

The full moon on October 31 will be the rattling October surprise that I think none of us want to hear. For you, the full moon will fall in your ninth house of publishing and broadcasting, so a regular gig may come to an end. This house also rules travel, which would not be wise at all, for this full moon arrives on the arm of Uranus, the planet of completely unexpected developments. The moon rules your love relationship, so if you are dating (but not married or committed yet), you may hear something from your partner that jars you. Uranus will oppose the Sun too, so that’s why I feel it will be vital that you maintain your health and avoid any risks, like taking a plane to a distant city.

Meanwhile, Mars will still be arguing with Saturn and Pluto—it is hard for him to let go—so if you decide to do anything with a friend, check into costs, because you could find later your credit card will bring such sticker shock, you will wonder how you can pay it. At the same time, Pluto and Saturn will pick a fight with Mercury in your financial eighth house, and you might still be waiting for your money—but the person who owes you will act like they are doing you a favor by telling you they will pay you eventually.

Halloween won’t be the fun that other years have brought. You need to cancel (or highly limit) Halloween. If you have children, only visit homes of families you know with your children. Or if your child is going to school, talk to the teacher about having a daytime celebration, and offer to bring cupcakes.

You have one amazing aspect working in your favor, and it is rare and exceedingly beautiful. Jupiter, the planet of happiness and joy, which also brings financial news, will be in perfect harmony with your ruler Neptune, the planet of unconditional love, which also rules the arts and creativity. You could do really well with a creative idea you have now. Jupiter is in your house of hopes and wishes, so a dream you’ve long had could come true this month. Jupiter and Neptune will make a decisive sextile (which means opportunity) on October 12, your best day of the month. Do something that is dearly important to you, dear Pisces.

Please Note: On October 1, 2020, there is a full moon in Aries 9º, not Aquarius 9º. We apologize for this error in our 2020 calendar.


You’ve been doing quite a bit of money management, and with it, have felt a measure of stress handling the responsibility. You expect a payment on the full moon in Aries on October 1, and you need to see it, for you’ve seen higher than usual expenses lately. This may be because you are investing in something large, perhaps a business or property, or it may mean you have had a lot of bills to cover.

This full moon is mixed, however, and there are crosscurrents. If you planned to launch a product or service, consumers or clients may be confused and flood your customer support team with questions. Mars in Aries will take the lead and, fortunately, will be in conversation with Venus at the time of the full moon indicating you might get more assignments, and for those who are not paying on time, use a soft touch as your best approach.

The new moon of October 16 is more concerning. Money will be your focus, and normally a new moon in Libra would improve cash flow fairly quickly. This one might, but at the same time your audience, clients, consumers, readers, or viewers will continue to be confused and will need tending. Have all hands on deck to answer questions. Adding to the situation will be Mercury in retrograde from October 13 to November 3, which is occurring within Mars retrograde, having started September 9 and will continue until November 13.

These two planets, Mars and Mercury, both retrograde, orbit close to earth, so you will feel the effects of these more than you would when any of the outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto are retrograde. (Venus also orbits close to earth, but Venus already went retrograde earlier this year and is finished, not to retrograde again for about a year.) Mars and Mercury retrograde will slow your progress, and there is no way around it. Delays will actually benefit you, though, so don’t force things to move forward. It will be fruitless right now, but come November, things will improve.

Every once in a while, we have two full moons in one month (we call the second one a blue moon), and in this challenging month, we have the second full moon on October 31. It will arrive in Taurus. This full moon will be one that separates rather than binds, for Uranus will oppose the Sun and conjunct the moon. This suggests something will come up that you’re not anticipating regarding a work project that seems to knock you sideways temporarily—at least until you can gather your thoughts and come up with another solution or accept that this sudden end represents a venture or relationship that has run its course.

Halloween will be volatile, and even friends won’t be acting normally. In a month that brings a dozen challenges, you will learn a great deal about feelings and conditions that have been hidden up until now.

Once Mercury goes direct (November 3) and Mars follows suit (November 13), you will be on your way to a very happy holiday period. This has been a year unlike any you’ve come through before, but a rainbow does exist at year’s end. Plan for a happy holiday season—make your list now of things to treat relatives and friends with, and tuck it away. We might need to have very small celebrations with no social gatherings, but we can still send packages and with them, heartfelt joy.

Make it a point to use the stunningly beautiful and lucky communication between Jupiter and Neptune all month, but especially when these two planets—both your ruling planets—are in perfect sync October 12. Neptune is your modern ruler, and Jupiter is your ancient ruler, and modern astrologers look at both. When they are in great harmony, like they are now, it means it’s so very good for you. They won’t be in communication again until 2022. Work on a dream, dear Pisces, because despite this wild and wooly month, dreams, for you, do come true.

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