Pisces Horoscope for October 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Every once in a while, we have two full moons in one month (we call the second one a blue moon), and in this challenging month, we have the second full moon on October 31. It will arrive in Taurus. This full moon will be one that separates rather than binds, for Uranus will oppose the Sun and conjunct the moon. This suggests something will come up that you’re not anticipating regarding a work project that seems to knock you sideways temporarily—at least until you can gather your thoughts and come up with another solution or accept that this sudden end represents a venture or relationship that has run its course.

Halloween will be volatile, and even friends won’t be acting normally. In a month that brings a dozen challenges, you will learn a great deal about feelings and conditions that have been hidden up until now.

Once Mercury goes direct (November 3) and Mars follows suit (November 13), you will be on your way to a very happy holiday period. This has been a year unlike any you’ve come through before, but a rainbow does exist at year’s end. Plan for a happy holiday season—make your list now of things to treat relatives and friends with, and tuck it away. We might need to have very small celebrations with no social gatherings, but we can still send packages and with them, heartfelt joy.

Make it a point to use the stunningly beautiful and lucky communication between Jupiter and Neptune all month, but especially when these two planets—both your ruling planets—are in perfect sync October 12. Neptune is your modern ruler, and Jupiter is your ancient ruler, and modern astrologers look at both. When they are in great harmony, like they are now, it means it’s so very good for you. They won’t be in communication again until 2022. Work on a dream, dear Pisces, because despite this wild and wooly month, dreams, for you, do come true.

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