Pisces Horoscope for October 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Halloween won’t be the fun that other years have brought. You need to cancel (or highly limit) Halloween. If you have children, only visit homes of families you know with your children. Or if your child is going to school, talk to the teacher about having a daytime celebration, and offer to bring cupcakes.

You have one amazing aspect working in your favor, and it is rare and exceedingly beautiful. Jupiter, the planet of happiness and joy, which also brings financial news, will be in perfect harmony with your ruler Neptune, the planet of unconditional love, which also rules the arts and creativity. You could do really well with a creative idea you have now. Jupiter is in your house of hopes and wishes, so a dream you’ve long had could come true this month. Jupiter and Neptune will make a decisive sextile (which means opportunity) on October 12, your best day of the month. Do something that is dearly important to you, dear Pisces.

Please Note: On October 1, 2020, there is a full moon in Aries 9º, not Aquarius 9º. We apologize for this error in our 2020 calendar.


You’ve been doing quite a bit of money management, and with it, have felt a measure of stress handling the responsibility. You expect a payment on the full moon in Aries on October 1, and you need to see it, for you’ve seen higher than usual expenses lately. This may be because you are investing in something large, perhaps a business or property, or it may mean you have had a lot of bills to cover.

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