Pisces Horoscope for October 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

According to my mathematics, the peak of the coronavirus will not flatten enough until mid-December, and by Christmas, or more likely by January 12, news of an effective vaccine will likely be announced by the scientific community. However, it will be months until we all have access to it. The mask is still the most effective protection against illness and possibly even better than the coming vaccine, which might only be 50% to 70% effective. Do not fall victim to pandemic fatigue. Keep up all your social distancing, hand washing, and mask wearing. Where will the virus outbreak be? That’s up to you—if you stay vigilant, you can avoid it.

The full moon on October 31 will be the rattling October surprise that I think none of us want to hear. For you, the full moon will fall in your ninth house of publishing and broadcasting, so a regular gig may come to an end. This house also rules travel, which would not be wise at all, for this full moon arrives on the arm of Uranus, the planet of completely unexpected developments. The moon rules your love relationship, so if you are dating (but not married or committed yet), you may hear something from your partner that jars you. Uranus will oppose the Sun too, so that’s why I feel it will be vital that you maintain your health and avoid any risks, like taking a plane to a distant city.

Meanwhile, Mars will still be arguing with Saturn and Pluto—it is hard for him to let go—so if you decide to do anything with a friend, check into costs, because you could find later your credit card will bring such sticker shock, you will wonder how you can pay it. At the same time, Pluto and Saturn will pick a fight with Mercury in your financial eighth house, and you might still be waiting for your money—but the person who owes you will act like they are doing you a favor by telling you they will pay you eventually.

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