Pisces Horoscope for October 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

In this same part of your chart, your second house of earned income, a full moon arrived October 1 and brought to your attention things you had to fix. That full moon was in hard angle to Saturn and Pluto, so you might find it ridiculously hard to get paid what you were promised, whether it’s a commission from work, child support from an ex, or an insurance payment. It’s like the world has frozen in place, but the thaw will come by mid-November.

Mars is making your expenses high, which is not helping matters, but that could be due to changes in your lifestyle. You may have decided to go back to graduate school, move house, or buy your first condo. You might be having a baby or starting your own business. If you are already self-employed (the way most Pisces prefer to work), you might have already introduced a new product or service in the marketplace and now need to repay a bank loan. These types of lifestyle changes often entail a large outlay of cash but, of course, form the foundation of your life.

Perhaps you are not being paid on time by one or more of your clients because a good client is actually struggling financially but covering up their troubles with bravado—even being aggressive and pompous—so that you won’t know how severe their money troubles are right now.

Make it a point to use the stunningly beautiful and lucky communication between Jupiter and Neptune—both your ruling planets—which are in perfect sync October 12. When they are in great harmony, like they are now, it means it’s so very good for you. They won’t be in communication again until 2022. Work on a dream, dear Pisces, because despite this wild and wooly month, dreams, for you, do come true.

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