Pisces Horoscope for November 2023

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Your Horoscope for Pisces

The theme of travel and communication (ninth house activities) continues at the new moon in Scorpio (not an eclipse), 21 degrees, on November 13, but the mood will change. Uranus in your third house of travel and agreements will oppose the transiting Sun, new moon, and Mars, setting up a somewhat jarring atmosphere for everyone, not just you, dear Pisces. Travel, especially distant journeys, may be difficult at this time, and because a new moon can project into the future, be sure your car is tuned up and in fine working condition before heading out. If traveling by air, have your luggage well labeled with Apple air tags tucked inside all your suitcases in case your luggage is lost.

A client who you work with regularly may decide to bow out, leaving a gap in your monthly work routine. With Uranus opposing Mars, you may have a large expense, or you could see your income wobble a little until you find a new client to fill the vacuum of the one who might leave. Throughout, keep your health strong, and if your doctor suggests you need vitamins, don’t forget to take them.

Mars will move into Sagittarius on November 24 and stay until January 4, making this year-end period your most important of 2023 for spectacular career progress.

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