Pisces Horoscope for November 2022

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Your Horoscope for Pisces

Scorpio (the sign of last month’s solar eclipse) and Taurus are financial signs, so money seems to form part of the conversation, and it appears you are in the middle of a disagreement or dispute. Scorpio is a sign linked to the police and prosecutors, so you may have an interaction with someone tied to law enforcement, or you may simply discuss that idea.

Many planets are being aspected and will be pulled into the situation, so there could be other areas to watch. The moon in your chart rules your fifth house—so keep alert and be in close touch with the person you are dating (but not married to or committed to yet as marriage is in a different house in the chart). That person might act out of character, so listen carefully, but respond only after taking time to think. Keep an eye on children to make sure they are safe, happy, and warmly protected.

Venus in your chart rules other people’s money, and Venus being opposed by Uranus means you might get an unexpected expense, such as a notice of taxes due or the need to pay a loan. News of your health or the wellness of someone close who you care for dearly could also come to your attention in early November. If so, just check with the medical practitioner for advice of how to improve the condition as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, your office will be busy, and if a subordinate leaves for any reason, it may throw you into a tailspin, for you will have to handle that person’s work as well as your own.

A lot will be going on, and while not all these areas are likely to light up at once, several will. None of these areas would likely spell trouble on a normal day or in a stretch of several days, but with many coming up at you all at once, alongside with the obligations you are already carrying, you might feel like you are trying to single-handedly stop an avalanche. Fortunately, Taurus, the sign of the eclipse, is one that blends well with your Pisces Sun, so after the dust settles, you will be able to make changes at work in your favor.

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