Pisces Horoscope for November 2022

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Your Horoscope for Pisces

You may have already felt the message of the eclipse. It varies from eclipse to eclipse, but about 10 percent of readers would have felt the eclipse one month prior to its appearance—that would have been on the full moon October 9 or 10, plus or minus four days. A full 75 percent of readers would feel it on the day or within four days of the eclipse, November 8, and an additional 15 percent of readers will feel it one month later on the coming December 7 full moon, plus or minus four days.

Also, think back 19 years ago to when a lunar eclipse took place on November 8, 2003. An eclipse will repeat in sign and degree every 19 years. That eclipse was at 16 degrees Taurus and was a full moon lunar eclipse like this one. No situation will ever repeat exactly—the planets surrounding the eclipse then will be different now—but the placement of the Sun and full moon will be the same. That eclipse back in 2003 was much milder than this wild and woolly one, but you may be able to glean a clue of the theme that could come up now.

Still, having said that, Uranus will be active, and the very nature of Uranus is to bring up something you’d never guess in a million years. It will be completely out of left field.

The ninth and third house rule not only contractual maters and debate, they also rule the courts, higher education, and international relationships, as well as the publishing and broadcasting industries. They also rule foreign people, so a person born outside your country could be your focus.

These two houses also rule both distant and close-by travel, but this would be a dreadful time to travel—stay home. If you have an air or rail ticket, ask for a refund. If you are a journalist in the media, don’t take time off—you need to be at your desk as breaking news will be important. Not only will you notice this eclipse in your own life, but the same aspects will be played out on the world stage.

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