Pisces Horoscope for November 2022

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Your Horoscope for Pisces

The place Saturn is based—and he represents the lessons we learn in life—is a little concerning. He is found in your twelfth house of what the ancient astrologers called “secret enemies.” This eclipse will be as volatile as nitroglycerine, so you will have to handle the other person with soft furry gloves. Eclipses shine a floodlight on the truth that was previously hidden, and that is part of the shock of an eclipse—it changes your complete perception of the person’s character and the entire complexion of the matter.

You are at an advantage, though. You’re a mutable sign and are talented at coming up with alternate remedies to any dispute or dilemma. As a Pisces, your imagination knows no boundaries, and you should not be shy about bringing up your ideas with your lawyer or other counselor.

Watch your health in the first half of the month—with Saturn in harsh square (meaning obstacles) to the Sun, you could have problems with your health. You must treat yourself well and take good care of yourself by eating right and getting enough sleep.

One thing to keep in mind with an eclipse is that you should never INITIATE anything new on an eclipse, but you can RESPOND to someone else’s statements or actions. Don’t be the assertive one, be the responsive party. Stay away from the eclipse for big actions. Don’t ask for a raise, have that big talk with your sweetheart, schedule the closing on a house—do nothing but sit still and wait for a better time. That will come later in the month (more on that later in your report). On, and in the four days plus or minus, November 8, open the window and see what flies in.

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