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I know you have been waiting for my Year Ahead 2022 forecast, and it is here! Read on!

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This month, the urge to travel far and wide will be almost irresistible, but it would be the wrong time to take a trip. November will be an unusually unpredictable, maddening month, filled with unexpected twists and turns. You are fortunate to be a Pisces, for you are a mutable, flexible sign that, when faced with a roadblock, you can easily come up with more than one alternative path to reach your goal. That will come in handy this month, but realistically, travel is not a good idea.

The problem with November is an unusually difficult new moon in Scorpio, 13 degrees. This new moon would ordinarily send you to the airport on a glorious trip, but this time, Uranus, the planet of unanticipated events, will directly confront the new moon and her partner the Sun. Uranus is found 1 degree away from the new moon and Sun in your third house of communication, which is also your other travel house. A new moon in Scorpio brings in Pluto as an important player, but Pluto will be having his own argument with Mercury at the time of the new moon, and Mercury is an important travel planet. There are signals from various parts of your chart to stay home.

Your ninth house will be brought into play, and it suggests other areas to be wary of, for one of these areas may bring up a sudden problem. If it isn’t travel, it could be an international relationship, an immigration matter, or one involving academia and your efforts to earn a degree. The ninth house also rules the media, so you may have problem with publicity that is focused on you, or difficulties with a story you are writing or as a producer for a TV segment. One of these areas could light up, presenting a setback or obstacle. If you are mindful and deliberate in all that you do, you can sidestep most of the problems Uranus presents to you this month.

Uranus is the planet of the future and is tied to all things digital and all newly invented products. For that reason, when Uranus is acting badly, like he is this month, I have to warn you against a digital hack attack or computer software problems. Be sure your software is up to date. Be especially sure that your security software that detects malware is the most current version being used.

If you work internationally, make sure you fulfill all your deadlines and stay on budget—this is a month to treat your contact with soft furry gloves. If you are doing a creative project in November, be vigilant, lest a part of the project starts to go haywire—it will be up to you to get it back on track.

Uranus will create some sort of weird, unexpected twist in one of the areas I listed. Additionally, with Uranus confronting the Sun, you need to watch your health. Be good to your body by getting enough rest, eating nutritiously, and taking breaks during the day.

With the new moon under attack, if you are dating, do all you can to keep the relationship smooth, as the moon rules your fifth house of love. Realize that everyone will be feeling the storms of November, and everyone will be thin skinned and fragile. Allow others to have some slack, and don’t be too demanding or critical. The same is true of your relationship with your children, also ruled by the fifth house—be encouraging to them.

In addition to Uranus in harsh confrontational opposition to the new moon and Sun, Saturn will also get into the act by sending a hard 90-degree square to the Sun and new moon in Scorpio, and another harsh 90-degree square to Uranus in your third house of short travel and writing. This month you will have to be deliberate with all you say and write, and that includes your posts on social media.

After shooting his cannons at the Sun and new moon, Uranus, still angry and thumping around the heavens, will then turn to confront Mercury on Saturday, November 13.

November 30 [is] my favorite date for you when Venus in Capricorn will receive a lyrical vibration from Neptune in Pisces. This would be a shimmering day, almost sure to please. . . . Use it to have your photo taken or to celebrate romance.

Mercury is the travel and contractual planet, so travel is still not a good idea on November 13. I keep saying this, but it’s worth hammering the thought home. In addition to travel, Mercury rules agreements, so of course, this would not be the right time to sign a contract. If you must sign papers this month, and it’s an important deal, do so on November 30 when Saturn and the Sun will be supportive to each other, and you, and help you build a long-term, profitable relationship.

You might assume as you read this that once you get beyond November 13, you are free and clear, but no, not yet. As you see, all the areas I have highlighted are manageable, so you are in a better position than some of the other signs.

November 17 will be a very tough day when unexpected news is likely to come up, and none of what you hear is what you want to hear. Surprise-a-minute Uranus will be conjunct the moon and opposed to Mars. Things will only heat up more as the moon reaches fullness and is eclipsed two days later, November 19. Treat your sibling with care—one of them may not be in a good mood, or it may be a different family member who will be sensitive and easy to rile up. Your partner in love or business will not be exactly easy to get along with either. As long as you give others a wide berth and overlook moodiness, you may be OK. This is a day to stick to routine, focus on your work, and don’t make waves.

Then, on November 19, you will encounter the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus, 27 degrees. It will light your third house of short distance travel, but with Uranus opposed to Mars, traveling would definitely be a bad idea. If you must travel by car, it seems to be a short distance, such as the distance between Boston and New York—two points that are within a day’s drive. If you can’t get out of leaving town, and you will be traveling by car, then have your car checked out by your mechanic before you head out. Mars opposed to Uranus is an explosive, angry aspect. If you drive, do so in daylight, and don’t drive when you are overtired.

If you are due to take a business trip, you might discover that your client is not amenable to your ideas, and reaching accord on a contract or work order could be a strenuous task. That may be in your favor though—I don’t think deals made near this eclipse would pay off in profits, despite expectations. Mars is the natural ruler of your second house of income, and with Mars opposite Uranus, the planet of all things unexpected, this eclipse may bring a big expense or loss of income. Ugh! You always have the option of tabling the talks to later in the month when things will improve.

At the eclipse—a strong full moon—you will see a communications project finishing and coming to a conclusion. You may be putting the final polish on important advertising copy for a big campaign, or wrapping up your work on a report or white paper. You may be finishing a manuscript for a book or column in a magazine or on the Internet. Or you may be completing your app that you will soon bring to market—see if you can do it in December, not November. If it must be November, do it in the last week, on November 29 or 30.

Now let’s turn to the move of Venus to Capricorn on November 5 to stay not the typical four weeks, but rather four months! This will be a sweet influence for you, for Venus will spend all that time in your eleventh house of friendship. It is also a house that rules your deepest hopes and wishes, so Venus will encourage you to work on your goals—2022 will be the best year of your life, your Emerald Year, with good-fortune Jupiter in Pisces—so keep to your program.

You may also get involved with humanitarian work to bring greater awareness and funding to a group that is suffering and needs your compassionate focus. Venus in your friendship house suggests you will be seeing friends more frequently than you have in a while, and because you will be out of the house more, have the opportunity to make new friends, too. Venus in Capricorn will see that you have more fun.

As you read this, you may be saying to yourself, “Wait, planets follow very definite orbits, and they don’t deviate that much from their typical time in each sign. Something has to be going on with Venus—but what is it?” You nailed it, dear Pisces. Venus will go retrograde during part of this period—the full period of Venus in Pisces will be from November 5 to March 6, 2022. In the middle of that period, Venus will retrograde, December 19 to January 29, 2022.

There are some points to consider when Venus is retrograde. If you are part of management of a charity or humanitarian endeavor, don’t schedule your big, expensive ball or a fundraiser during Venus retrograde. Venus rules profits, along with love, romance, luxury, and beauty, so your fundraiser is liable to bring in lower-than-expected profits.

It’s not wise to give a party or get engaged with Venus retrograde either, for the expression of affection will be lowered. It is also not the time to buy precious jewelry, such as an engagement ring (Venus rules luxury). If you planned to get engaged for Christmas, do so well in advance of December 19—then share the news over the holiday. What matters is when you make your promise to the person you love (and your sweetheart’s promise to you).

Venus’ link to beauty means you should not get Botox or fillers during Venus retrograde, December 19 to January 29, 2022. Don’t order a radical change to your hair either, in cut or color. Touch-ups are fine, as are trims, but do not schedule dramatic changes. Do what you need to do in late November or early December, staying far away from the onset date, December 19. You can also wait until February. Coincidentally, Mercury will retrograde from January 14 to February 3, so you might as well wait several days after February 3.

You still will have plenty of time to enjoy Venus in Capricorn, so no worries there! Venus will be in an earth sign, which will blend beautifully with you water-sign element of Pisces.

Speaking of good looks and attractiveness, do you need a beautiful photograph taken of you, perhaps for social media or for LinkedIn? Or a photo for the back cover of your new book? I have two divine days for you to schedule your photo shoot.

The first date for your photo will be Friday, November 12, when the Sun will contact Neptune, your ruling planet—your silvery image will turn out flattering and capture the true “you.”

The second date for taking a great photograph will be Tuesday, November 30, my favorite date for you, when Venus in Capricorn will receive a lyrical vibration from Neptune in Pisces. This would be a shimmering day, almost sure to please. By the way, in a month that will be rife with challenges, this day will be an oasis of enchantment. It will be an ideal day to celebrate romance, too.

Mars, these days, is in Scorpio, a place Mars entered on October 30, to continue in Scorpio until December 13. Mars in fellow water-sign Scorpio is often a plus, for you are a Pisces, but not when Uranus is playing Wrecker Ralph. You will love December, though—you are leaving 2021 with a bang, for Mars will enter your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement from December 13 to January 24. Be ready, dear Pisces—you are heading up the ladder of success, and everything you’ve been doing over the past two years will start to pay off in a big way.


This will be a challenging month for just about everyone. The culprit will be Uranus, acting in a wild, confrontational way, in direct, tight opposition to the Sun and new moon November 4. Any information that comes to you will arrive out of left field. Anyone who tried to hide facts from you or has been disloyal will be exposed. News will come up out of the blue, forcefully like an underground geyser shooting skyward.

The new moon of November 4 will bring a media matter to light—to complete a project. If you are a writer or journalist, you might be working on a significant story, or if you are a producer, you may be assigned to lead the team on a key segment. Be prepared—this is no ordinary story, and in November’s environment of smoke and mirrors, getting to truth won’t be easy.

Alternatively, you may be the subject of a journalist’s story for publicity. If this should describe you, be skeptical of the reporter’s agenda—the reporter, even if from a prestigious outlet, may have a pre-conceived conclusion in mind and want to poke holes in your success. This person will be friendly to you to gain your confidence and your cooperation, but what you see will not necessarily be the truth. If you are asked the same questions over and over, that’s a red flag—the journalist or producer is hoping you will give a different answer at some point. Have your publicist or, if you work for others, your corporate representative, with you during the interview.

Alternatively, the part of your chart where this unstable new moon will appear also rules your college and graduate school experience. Additionally, it rules your relationships you have with international VIPs abroad. You may see a sudden change in one of these areas—you may lose a client or gain one (or both). It is a month to stay on your toes, to assume nothing, and to take nothing for granted.

In a month that has just about everything, we also have a full moon lunar eclipse on November 19 in Taurus, lighting your third house of communication and forcing you to watch what you say. Within five days if this date, a legal matter might come up that will require your immediate attention. Make sure you consult a lawyer, for if you don’t, this month’s wild crosscurrents could become “baked” into the DNA of the contract, giving you problems for the term of the contract. You may be pressured to sign near the full moon lunar eclipse, November 19, but I prefer you sign on November 30—negotiate for time.

Near that time, November 17, Mars will be precisely opposite Uranus, an explosive, separating aspect that could make you angry—another reason why if you sign papers on or near November 17, the difficult conditions you experience at this time could end up being part of the contract. Put off signing until your best date, November 30. Mars opposed to Uranus could create an expense, perhaps unfairly, but one you won’t easily be able to redress. Don’t worry though—you are on the cusp of seeing a big harvest from your past efforts, and although this month may be hard for your finances, it’s only going to be a small blip on your screen that you’ll hardly remember later.

If you had planned to travel for any reason, business or pleasure, find a way to change your plans to go instead in December or beyond. Any trip you take now would not easily fulfill your goal. This is a strenuous month.

Jupiter is edging close to Pisces now, and by the end of next month, December 28, Jupiter will enter Pisces, setting off 2022 as one of the best years of your life. No matter what happens this year, keep this thought in mind. Dear Pisces, so many of your goals will be realized in 2022.

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