Pisces Horoscope for November 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller


This will be a challenging month for just about everyone. The culprit will be Uranus, acting in a wild, confrontational way, in direct, tight opposition to the Sun and new moon November 4. Any information that comes to you will arrive out of left field. Anyone who tried to hide facts from you or has been disloyal will be exposed. News will come up out of the blue, forcefully like an underground geyser shooting skyward.

The new moon of November 4 will bring a media matter to light—to complete a project. If you are a writer or journalist, you might be working on a significant story, or if you are a producer, you may be assigned to lead the team on a key segment. Be prepared—this is no ordinary story, and in November’s environment of smoke and mirrors, getting to truth won’t be easy.

Alternatively, you may be the subject of a journalist’s story for publicity. If this should describe you, be skeptical of the reporter’s agenda—the reporter, even if from a prestigious outlet, may have a pre-conceived conclusion in mind and want to poke holes in your success. This person will be friendly to you to gain your confidence and your cooperation, but what you see will not necessarily be the truth. If you are asked the same questions over and over, that’s a red flag—the journalist or producer is hoping you will give a different answer at some point. Have your publicist or, if you work for others, your corporate representative, with you during the interview.

Alternatively, the part of your chart where this unstable new moon will appear also rules your college and graduate school experience. Additionally, it rules your relationships you have with international VIPs abroad. You may see a sudden change in one of these areas—you may lose a client or gain one (or both). It is a month to stay on your toes, to assume nothing, and to take nothing for granted.

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