Pisces Horoscope for November 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If you are due to take a business trip, you might discover that your client is not amenable to your ideas, and reaching accord on a contract or work order could be a strenuous task. That may be in your favor though—I don’t think deals made near this eclipse would pay off in profits, despite expectations. Mars is the natural ruler of your second house of income, and with Mars opposite Uranus, the planet of all things unexpected, this eclipse may bring a big expense or loss of income. Ugh! You always have the option of tabling the talks to later in the month when things will improve.

At the eclipse—a strong full moon—you will see a communications project finishing and coming to a conclusion. You may be putting the final polish on important advertising copy for a big campaign, or wrapping up your work on a report or white paper. You may be finishing a manuscript for a book or column in a magazine or on the Internet. Or you may be completing your app that you will soon bring to market—see if you can do it in December, not November. If it must be November, do it in the last week, on November 29 or 30.

Now let’s turn to the move of Venus to Capricorn on November 5 to stay not the typical four weeks, but rather four months! This will be a sweet influence for you, for Venus will spend all that time in your eleventh house of friendship. It is also a house that rules your deepest hopes and wishes, so Venus will encourage you to work on your goals—2022 will be the best year of your life, your Emerald Year, with good-fortune Jupiter in Pisces—so keep to your program.

You may also get involved with humanitarian work to bring greater awareness and funding to a group that is suffering and needs your compassionate focus. Venus in your friendship house suggests you will be seeing friends more frequently than you have in a while, and because you will be out of the house more, have the opportunity to make new friends, too. Venus in Capricorn will see that you have more fun.

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