Pisces Horoscope for November 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Mercury is the travel and contractual planet, so travel is still not a good idea on November 13. I keep saying this, but it’s worth hammering the thought home. In addition to travel, Mercury rules agreements, so of course, this would not be the right time to sign a contract. If you must sign papers this month, and it’s an important deal, do so on November 30 when Saturn and the Sun will be supportive to each other, and you, and help you build a long-term, profitable relationship.

You might assume as you read this that once you get beyond November 13, you are free and clear, but no, not yet. As you see, all the areas I have highlighted are manageable, so you are in a better position than some of the other signs.

November 17 will be a very tough day when unexpected news is likely to come up, and none of what you hear is what you want to hear. Surprise-a-minute Uranus will be conjunct the moon and opposed to Mars. Things will only heat up more as the moon reaches fullness and is eclipsed two days later, November 19. Treat your sibling with care—one of them may not be in a good mood, or it may be a different family member who will be sensitive and easy to rile up. Your partner in love or business will not be exactly easy to get along with either. As long as you give others a wide berth and overlook moodiness, you may be OK. This is a day to stick to routine, focus on your work, and don’t make waves.

Then, on November 19, you will encounter the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus, 27 degrees. It will light your third house of short distance travel, but with Uranus opposed to Mars, traveling would definitely be a bad idea. If you must travel by car, it seems to be a short distance, such as the distance between Boston and New York—two points that are within a day’s drive. If you can’t get out of leaving town, and you will be traveling by car, then have your car checked out by your mechanic before you head out. Mars opposed to Uranus is an explosive, angry aspect. If you drive, do so in daylight, and don’t drive when you are overtired.

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