Pisces Horoscope for November 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If you work internationally, make sure you fulfill all your deadlines and stay on budget—this is a month to treat your contact with soft furry gloves. If you are doing a creative project in November, be vigilant, lest a part of the project starts to go haywire—it will be up to you to get it back on track.

Uranus will create some sort of weird, unexpected twist in one of the areas I listed. Additionally, with Uranus confronting the Sun, you need to watch your health. Be good to your body by getting enough rest, eating nutritiously, and taking breaks during the day.

With the new moon under attack, if you are dating, do all you can to keep the relationship smooth, as the moon rules your fifth house of love. Realize that everyone will be feeling the storms of November, and everyone will be thin skinned and fragile. Allow others to have some slack, and don’t be too demanding or critical. The same is true of your relationship with your children, also ruled by the fifth house—be encouraging to them.

In addition to Uranus in harsh confrontational opposition to the new moon and Sun, Saturn will also get into the act by sending a hard 90-degree square to the Sun and new moon in Scorpio, and another harsh 90-degree square to Uranus in your third house of short travel and writing. This month you will have to be deliberate with all you say and write, and that includes your posts on social media.

After shooting his cannons at the Sun and new moon, Uranus, still angry and thumping around the heavens, will then turn to confront Mercury on Saturday, November 13.

November 30 [is] my favorite date for you when Venus in Capricorn will receive a lyrical vibration from Neptune in Pisces. This would be a shimmering day, almost sure to please. . . . Use it to have your photo taken or to celebrate romance.

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