Pisces Horoscope for November 2020

A Note from Susan Miller

November 2020

Dear Reader,

November is a very big month, and I wanted you to have all the information you need to take full advantage of the changing aspects. I went back to October to put your life in context and to show you specifically how different—and better—November would be for you.

November starts off tense (depending on your sign and exact birthday), but it gets special by the gorgeous new moon of November 14. Also, Mercury and his big brother Mars will both go direct after endless weeks of being in retrograde, so you will see the pace of life pick up in a way that you will find gratifying. There will be opportunities to take advantage of at long last, and you will have two weeks to get ready. On top of all of this, the eclipses are back—these are gentle and sweet and will push you forward into a new realm. The first one is due November 30 in Gemini, and the second one, a dazzler, is due next month, December 14, in Sagittarius as a new moon solar eclipse.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This month a lot stuffed into its four little weeks—emphasis on your work projects, money, your home and other property you may own or rent, and on close relatives. There are opportunities overseas, and the media, legal matters, and higher education will glitter. You will even have a little time for fun and love. There is much I have to share with you, so let’s jump right in and get started.

The hardest part of the month will occur as a result of the full moon that technically arrived in the last hours of last month on October 31, and this highly emotional full moon will have the power and strength to continue to affect you from November 1 to 4.

As you begin November, you may still be thinking about what happened on October 31. It was a very volatile, wild, and unpredictable full moon in Taurus, with Uranus tightly conjunct the moon—within a half degree (that is very close!), possibly adding chaos at home or unexpected news concerning the person you are dating. It’s alternatively possible a surprise pregnancy might come up, or you may hear unusual news about a child you have now. Uranus can bring outstandingly good news that thrills you, or news that rattles you. But there is no way to anticipate which will come up—when you are dealing with Uranus you never know.

Considering how touchy this full moon will make everyone feel, it might not be the best time to talk politics with the person you are dating, especially if you tend to be on opposite ends of the spectrum (different parties). This full moon—the hardest one of the year—coincided with the US election, so no matter who wins, the fuse will be lit as half of the populace will be upset with the result.

Your third house of communication will be ignited, which is why I say watch what you say to family, as well as on social media and at work. Emotions will be running much higher than you feel is normal.

Additionally, unpredictable Uranus will affect a work project that involves writing, editing, research, translation, or developing computer code. No matter what it is, you seem to be racing to finish to meet the deadline, yet no matter how you try, things keep popping up to get in the way of your finishing. In the first days of November, you may feel tension.

If you were going to travel this month, that probably won’t happen. It’s just as well—it’s not a good time to go anywhere.

Although this is a wild full moon (October 31) affecting the start of the month, it has its positive side, too. Earth-sign Taurus, the sign that the full moon will appear in, is a sign that blends perfectly with your Pisces water-sign element. If your birthday falls on February 27, plus or minus five days, you will find a way to make that full moon work in your favor. The same is true if you have Pisces rising 9 degrees or another natal planet in your horoscope in Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn at 9 degrees, plus or minus 5 degrees, in all cases.

The new moon November 14 will be beautifully supported by Neptune, your guardian planet, whose job it is to protect you and advance your interests. This new moon will light your ninth house of foreign relationships, travel, the media, legal matters, and your efforts related to getting an advanced degree. All of these areas are twinkling brightly.

Here in New York health authorities are telling us to stay home and not to even visit one of the adjoining states of Connecticut or New Jersey unless for a dire emergency. They are telling us we could bring back the virus unknowingly. Right now, New York is the model for the nation—lowest cases and hospitalizations of all states—but cases across the US are rising. You might as well stay home and get things done—I’ve become Marie Condo, the charming Japanese young woman author who wrote a book and made cleaning out closets and drawers fun.

My writing schedule keeps me so busy that I can only work on the closets for one or two days a month, but I keep to the program and am enjoying the results.

Due to an impending meeting of Jupiter and Pluto this month on November 12, I anticipate a huge spike in cases of the coronavirus, the worst of the worst, all over the world. Dear Pisces, you must be extra careful. Jupiter, the planet of great expansion, opted to help his friend Pluto, who Jupiter had not seen in conjunction for 13 years. While having dinner together, Pluto asked Jupiter to help spread the virus, and Jupiter simply didn’t have his head screwed on straight and agreed to help his friend do that.

This year, Jupiter and Pluto first met April 4. We would all like to forget how terrible April was for Italy and New York City along with many nations including India, Turkey, Russia, and Brazil, and much of Europe.

Then Jupiter and Pluto met again on June 29 while both were retrograde, so I assumed they’d be too weak to cause much damage—I was wrong. Florida and the entire sunbelt in the southern part of the United States, extending up to California and through Oregon and Washington were dealing with scary high spikes.

Now both planets are rested, after having been retrograde, and are moving direct, so Jupiter and Pluto are feeling strong and raring to go. They are ready to give us all a ferocious knockout punch. Jupiter and Pluto will meet on November 12, but you feel slow moving planets much ahead of time, so we saw danger signs in October. I feel the virus will rage through November and most of December. Be careful, dear Pisces.

Authorities are telling us to pare down Thanksgiving and Christmas, so because I don’t want to risk getting sick and dying (my ulcers are categorized as an auto-immune condition), I called my sweet daughter, Diana, in Los Angeles, and she has agreed it would be wise for her to say in Los Angeles and not come home to New York City for either holiday. She often spends time at her best friend’s house, so Diana will celebrate with her friend’s small family gathering.

Of course, I will make sure she gets plenty of presents by FedEx, and we all will do Facetime calls. We can all be creative about how we celebrate the coming holidays. I would never advise you to do something that I would not do—gatherings will be downright dangerous in November and December.

Once Pluto and Jupiter part (and they are slow moving, so I need a space of at least 8 degrees, but I prefer a slightly greater distance between these two planets), I feel we will hear of a breakthrough at Christmas, but my math tells me it is more likely to come on or close to January 12. Once we hear the good news about the vaccine’s approval, it doesn’t mean we will have access to it—it will take months for the drug companies to roll out distribution.

Some doctors say not everyone will find the vaccine effective—like the flu shot, it may be only 50% effective. Your mask is still your best line of defense. Doctors wear a mask during surgery to protect you—you’d never want them to take it off, so that proves to me it works!

Now let’s turn to some welcome news. Mercury will go direct on November 3, and for a little over three weeks (since October 13) has been retrograde in your eighth house of other people’s money. This suggests you may have had to wait for money that was owed to you or that you had an expense you didn’t expect. Or you might have found out there were unauthorized charges on your credit card.

Mercury goes direct now, but before you start taking action, leave a space of a week or so before you start to sign contracts. You were not under good aspects for shopping for electronic items either, but the advice now is the same—wait a week before you shop. Little Mercury is a clever Denice the Menace and will always be at his wildest behavior at the start and end dates of his retrograde.

There is more good news! Mercury’s big brother Mars entered your financial second house June 27. Things were likely going well until Mars started to retrograde September 9, putting you in limbo on financial projects. Mars will go direct on November 13. Wait for both Mercury and his big brother Mars to go direct before you start to initiate big plans. I believe it will be much easier to manage your money after Mars regulates his orbit on November 13.

Some of the sweetest news for you comes next. The new moon on November 14 in Scorpio, 23 degrees, will be a blessing. Usually a full moon in your ninth house, as you will have this month, would set you off on a distant trip, but that won’t happen during a pandemic, especially in a month that shows the probability of high spikes everywhere. Instead, you may get a wonderful assignment from a foreign person, even if that person is based in your country, or he or she could be based overseas, and you’d do business over Zoom.

There are other opportunities that could easily come up for you after the new moon appears November 14 . You may be thinking about going back to university to earn an advanced degree and begin the exciting process of choosing which institution you will attend. Some colleges have figured out how to have students safely in the classroom during the pandemic—investigate those if remote learning does not appeal to you.

Publishing, broadcasting, and digital projects look very lucrative and represent glittering spots for you after this new moon arrives. Also, a legal matter can be initiated now, and if you do, your timing would be perfect. I am not only referring to the possibility of starting a case, but of filing a trademark, patent, or copyright, or filing an ISBN number for a book or other publication. Again, you will be glad you waited for this new moon before you act.

It seems a friend or group you belong to, such as a social or professional club you joined, will be highly instrumental to your luck. Because Pluto will be prominent at the November 14 new moon, we need to look how Pluto is socializing with other planets. Wow, financial Pluto will be orbiting shoulder-to-shoulder with Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. This is a dazzling aspect and is based in your eleventh house of friendship, hopes, and wishes.

If you have been paying attention, you’ll realize that all planets have two sides, a negative and positive side. This is the positive side of Jupiter conjunct Pluto, and it’s happening at the new moon, which will help you enormously in connection with a new opportunity and the money you will make as a result. Your friends and contacts will have a big role to play in helping you mid-month but also in the weeks and months to come.

All Pisces will love this new moon of November 14. If your birthday falls on March 13, plus or minus five days, you will get a double dip of pleasure. The same will be true for you if you have Pisces rising at 23 degrees or a natal planet or moon 23 degree, plus or minus 5 degrees, and found in the sign of Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn.

In case you are overwhelmed with so much going on in one month—there is more to come. This is a big month because it will end with an full moon lunar eclipse in Gemini, 9 degrees, on November 30.

This one will light your fourth house of home and family, so news will bubble up there then. You may move or see a roommate leave, or you may consider renting a summer cottage and conclude the deal now. Projects, talks, negotiations, and other deals almost always come to a finish at a full moon, and even more so at a full moon lunar eclipse.

Someone in your family may announce she is pregnant or actually have her baby this month, bringing joyful news to everyone. You may decide to renovate your kitchen or see a delivery of the beautiful new piece of furniture you chose. You may finish up a big repair job or see the painters finally finish up, allowing you to enjoy how chic your rooms look now.

If your home is not on your mind, you may instead be thinking about your mother or father (or a person you think of as a parent) to find a way to be helpful to this beloved relative. If your mother needs a new specialist, or your father asked you to look into assisted living, you may now hit on the right answer.

Mercury will be the lead planet at this eclipse, and happily, Mercury will be beautifully aspected to three major planets in Capricorn. This is lucky because Mercury is linked to Gemini, the place this new moon will appear. Mercury will speak to Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn on your behalf, and again, a friend may lead you to the home or family-related choices you’ve been searching. As other examples, you might decide to live with your parents for a short time or vice versa, you may invite your mother and father to come live with you.

You had a somewhat similar eclipse eight years ago on November 28, 2012. It was at 7 degrees Gemini and was also a lunar eclipse. If you can remember what happened back then, you might be able to glean a clue of the theme that might come up now. All the other planets have, of course, since migrated into different positions, but you might get a small idea of what might happen by looking back.

This is only the second eclipse in a new family of signs, specifically in Gemini and Sagittarius. The first one arrived on June 5 in Sagittarius. Often, eclipses will push your home and family-related goal forward, so step by step, eclipse by eclipse, later in retrospect, you will see that the coming eclipses will be united in theme, as if strung together like pearls on a necklace.

Nothing ordinary happens on an eclipse if it touches the degrees close enough to a planet, the Sun, or moon in your own natal horoscope. They tend to trigger big life events that you will long remember. The most dramatic effect of this eclipse in regard to home and family will be to Pisces born on or within five days of February 25.

Don’t expect to feel all the eclipses uniformly in a series, for typically, you might feel only one or two. (There are exceptions of course, but that’s the most common experience.)

Next month, we will have a major eclipse in this series, a positive, helpful solar new moon eclipse in Sagittarius, 23 degrees, that will brilliantly light your career in a way I know you will love.

After that one, there will be three more eclipses in this family of signs in 2021. I have a Table of Eclipses on my home page of AstrologyZone, so you can search and see what’s due in coming years, up to 2030. By the time 2021 is out, you will see needed changes in your home life and exciting possibilities in your career.

This series of eclipses are important for Pisces because they’ll hit your home/family sector (fourth house) and also your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement (like the eclipse next month, December 14). These two houses are 180 degrees apart—opposite on the horoscope wheel. These eclipses will touch powerful, sensitive points in your solar chart capable of bringing big, exiting news. When an eclipse is “on the angles” of your chart, as you have November 30 and December 14, they define your future direction.

Wow, Pisces! Are you happy and excited yet? I am, for you!


This year has not been easy for many of the signs, but your flexibility and ability to adapt to changing conditions has you in a better position than most. You have just experienced a full moon in Taurus that rattled many, and you may still be thinking about news you received on the full moon October 31, or will in the coming four days.

This full moon will light your travel house, so if you have plans this first week to take a short trip, whether for business or pleasure, you might want to delay doing so until mid-month when better aspects will prevail. Mercury, the planet of communication, contractual agreements, commerce, shipping, and transportation has been retrograde since October 13 but will go direct on November 3. When a planet regulates its orbit, it takes time to ramp up its energy, another reason why waiting to take your trip would be the right idea. If you need to sign a contract, the same advice applies—wait.

The new moon of November 14 will provide you a path forward, and in many ways it will help you address any obstacles that may have come up during the first week of November. This new moon will be beautifully supported by Neptune, your guardian planet, whose job it is to protect you and advance your interests. This new moon will light your ninth house of foreign relationships, travel, the media, legal matters, and your efforts related to getting an advanced degree. All of these areas are twinkling brightly. That’s because this new moon will be in Scorpio, bringing extraordinary support from Jupiter and Pluto in your eleventh house of hopes and wishes. A friend may be instrumental in your progress.

Mars will go direct on November 13, a day prior to the new moon, and this, too, will be good news. Mars has been stuck in your second house of earned income, giving you high expenses since the end of June. If anyone owed you money, you may have found it took a lot of effort to get paid. You may have received the money, or not, depending on the circumstances, but with Mars soon moving ahead, you will more easily collect the money from November 13 onward. Mars will not retrograde again for another two years, and when it does, it will not be in your second financial house, allowing for an excellent financial outlook for raising your income.

Your home, other property you may own or rent, or a family member (most likely a parent or other beloved member of the family) may bring important news at the full moon lunar eclipse in Gemini on November 30. This eclipse will mark a major change in the way things were and may require a large outlay of cash due to the opposition of Uranus and Venus. This eclipse marks an ending, but it might be the kind of ending where you leave an apartment you lived in a long time to move into a new house or condo. Endings are always bittersweet but are necessary for emotional and intellectual growth. This eclipse might continue a plan you first announced June 5, the first eclipse in this series.

Turning to the question of good looks, fun, and love, Venus will enter highly compatible Scorpio on November 21 until December 15. It’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a new soft and cozy cashmere sweater or that beautiful leather handbag or attaché case you’ve wanted for a long time. You will be marvelously attractive, so stock up on a few tops for all those Zoom calls coming up. It’s an exciting time for you, so treat yourself to something new.

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