Pisces Horoscope for November 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This one will light your fourth house of home and family, so news will bubble up there then. You may move or see a roommate leave, or you may consider renting a summer cottage and conclude the deal now. Projects, talks, negotiations, and other deals almost always come to a finish at a full moon, and even more so at a full moon lunar eclipse.

Someone in your family may announce she is pregnant or actually have her baby this month, bringing joyful news to everyone. You may decide to renovate your kitchen or see a delivery of the beautiful new piece of furniture you chose. You may finish up a big repair job or see the painters finally finish up, allowing you to enjoy how chic your rooms look now.

If your home is not on your mind, you may instead be thinking about your mother or father (or a person you think of as a parent) to find a way to be helpful to this beloved relative. If your mother needs a new specialist, or your father asked you to look into assisted living, you may now hit on the right answer.

Mercury will be the lead planet at this eclipse, and happily, Mercury will be beautifully aspected to three major planets in Capricorn. This is lucky because Mercury is linked to Gemini, the place this new moon will appear. Mercury will speak to Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn on your behalf, and again, a friend may lead you to the home or family-related choices you’ve been searching. As other examples, you might decide to live with your parents for a short time or vice versa, you may invite your mother and father to come live with you.

You had a somewhat similar eclipse eight years ago on November 28, 2012. It was at 7 degrees Gemini and was also a lunar eclipse. If you can remember what happened back then, you might be able to glean a clue of the theme that might come up now. All the other planets have, of course, since migrated into different positions, but you might get a small idea of what might happen by looking back.

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