Pisces Horoscope for November 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Then Jupiter and Pluto met again on June 29 while both were retrograde, so I assumed they’d be too weak to cause much damage—I was wrong. Florida and the entire sunbelt in the southern part of the United States, extending up to California and through Oregon and Washington were dealing with scary high spikes.

Now both planets are rested, after having been retrograde, and are moving direct, so Jupiter and Pluto are feeling strong and raring to go. They are ready to give us all a ferocious knockout punch. Jupiter and Pluto will meet on November 12, but you feel slow moving planets much ahead of time, so we saw danger signs in October. I feel the virus will rage through November and most of December. Be careful, dear Pisces.

Authorities are telling us to pare down Thanksgiving and Christmas, so because I don’t want to risk getting sick and dying (my ulcers are categorized as an auto-immune condition), I called my sweet daughter, Diana, in Los Angeles, and she has agreed it would be wise for her to say in Los Angeles and not come home to New York City for either holiday. She often spends time at her best friend’s house, so Diana will celebrate with her friend’s small family gathering.

Of course, I will make sure she gets plenty of presents by FedEx, and we all will do Facetime calls. We can all be creative about how we celebrate the coming holidays. I would never advise you to do something that I would not do—gatherings will be downright dangerous in November and December.

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