Pisces Horoscope for November 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Here in New York health authorities are telling us to stay home and not to even visit one of the adjoining states of Connecticut or New Jersey unless for a dire emergency. They are telling us we could bring back the virus unknowingly. Right now, New York is the model for the nation—lowest cases and hospitalizations of all states—but cases across the US are rising. You might as well stay home and get things done—I’ve become Marie Condo, the charming Japanese young woman author who wrote a book and made cleaning out closets and drawers fun.

My writing schedule keeps me so busy that I can only work on the closets for one or two days a month, but I keep to the program and am enjoying the results.

Due to an impending meeting of Jupiter and Pluto this month on November 12, I anticipate a huge spike in cases of the coronavirus, the worst of the worst, all over the world. Dear Pisces, you must be extra careful. Jupiter, the planet of great expansion, opted to help his friend Pluto, who Jupiter had not seen in conjunction for 13 years. While having dinner together, Pluto asked Jupiter to help spread the virus, and Jupiter simply didn’t have his head screwed on straight and agreed to help his friend do that.

This year, Jupiter and Pluto first met April 4. We would all like to forget how terrible April was for Italy and New York City along with many nations including India, Turkey, Russia, and Brazil, and much of Europe.

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