Pisces Horoscope for November 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This series of eclipses are important for Pisces because they’ll hit your home/family sector (fourth house) and also your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement (like the eclipse next month, December 14). These two houses are 180 degrees apart—opposite on the horoscope wheel. These eclipses will touch powerful, sensitive points in your solar chart capable of bringing big, exiting news. When an eclipse is “on the angles” of your chart, as you have November 30 and December 14, they define your future direction.

Wow, Pisces! Are you happy and excited yet? I am, for you!


This year has not been easy for many of the signs, but your flexibility and ability to adapt to changing conditions has you in a better position than most. You have just experienced a full moon in Taurus that rattled many, and you may still be thinking about news you received on the full moon October 31, or will in the coming four days.

This full moon will light your travel house, so if you have plans this first week to take a short trip, whether for business or pleasure, you might want to delay doing so until mid-month when better aspects will prevail. Mercury, the planet of communication, contractual agreements, commerce, shipping, and transportation has been retrograde since October 13 but will go direct on November 3. When a planet regulates its orbit, it takes time to ramp up its energy, another reason why waiting to take your trip would be the right idea. If you need to sign a contract, the same advice applies—wait.

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