Pisces Horoscope for May 2023

Your May Horoscope for Pisces

To open Jupiter’s treasure chest, you would need a new moon to appear in the same sign, Taurus. That only happens once a year, but wow, that’s exactly what you will have just three days after Jupiter arrives on May 16 for his full year’s stay.

What a wonderful new moon this will be, May 19, because you will have the new moon, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, and Uranus, ALL in Taurus, all crowded into one tiny sliver of your solar chart, the one ruling communications and travel. Opportunity should tumble forth almost immediately, within a day or two of the new moon, and keep going for weeks. A new moon is active for six months.

The emphasis on communication has been strong for a long time for you and has led to this point, so it looks like your ship is about to come in, dear Pisces. The universe is listening, and the world is eager for you, so you have to say—go for the gold!


A person who is important to you—likely based at a great distance or even overseas—will be on your mind in early May. A full moon lunar eclipse will arrive on May 5 and could culminate an agreement and a flurry of activities. You may need to travel to see this person, or you may be connecting over Zoom or email. The project being discussed seems to involve communication—writing, speaking, editing, computer coding, doing research, or the publishing/broadcasting of information. Alternatively, you may be working on social media or an advertising campaign or creating a game, or you could be interviewed by the press. You also may be given a contract to sign.

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