Pisces Horoscope for May 2023

Your May Horoscope for Pisces

You are a mutable sign, which means you are one of the four signs (specifically Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces) known to be the most flexible, versatile, and adaptable. This effortless quality in you will come in handy now.

You might like to read my essay “How to Deal with Eclipses.” Many readers have read it and found it helpful because it explains the unique nature of eclipses. It’s on my “Astrology Zone Horoscopes” app—you would need the premium subscriber edition ($4.99 a month, about a $1.00 a week) found on Apple App store or Google Play. If you have the app, go to Menu, then to Life, Love & More, then to Susan’s Essays, where you will see my article. I numbered every idea—each one has a different tip. My essay is also on my website, so you can click here to read it.

Let’s now turn to very happy news of the month—the move of Jupiter to Taurus on May 16, to stay a full year, until May 25, 2024. Jupiter is set to light your third house of communication and will put an enormous emphasis on writing, speaking, editing, translation, code writing, public speaking, software and code creation, and other elements of communication. This will be your area of greatest personal growth and gratification and possibly produce a lucrative income.

You may be involved in creating a podcast series or app, software, a basic education course you would give online or in person, an advertising campaign, a public relations or social media effort, a marketing strategy, or digital games You may be working on a book or a documentary film or writing a screenplay. You might be redoing your website, delving into NFTs and Web 3 or other digital forms. You get the idea.

Jupiter is in your third house and will make this area, that of communications, the most glowing, and productive area of your chart. I should add that from now on, you will be traveling more too, but not necessarily to distant destinations. With Jupiter being helpful, you may want to buy a new car, and as long as Mercury is not retrograde (like it is now until May 14) you will love your new car. (I have a list of Mercury retrograde dates on the homepage of AstrologyZone.com and also in the premium version of my app, Astrology Zone Horoscopes.)

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