Pisces Horoscope for May 2023

Your May Horoscope for Pisces

I feel it most likely will be a creative project, or you may need to make a decision about an emotional attachment with a romantic partner you are dating. (If you are wed, this eclipse will not likely affect you since the relationship with your spouse and your marriage are ruled by another part of the chart.)

It is rare to see an eclipse bring in so many areas of life at once.

I suggest you keep your schedule light, and don’t travel over the eclipse. You will want to be home in case you have to drop what you are doing and turn you attention to whatever has come up. You may be tempted to rush, but instead, slow down and resist that urge—all eclipses have a second act, and you will be receiving more information within days or approximately two weeks.

The universe is speaking in riddles as Mars will be very helpful, and this is good news for Mars rules Scorpio, the sign of the eclipse. This suggests that you can get things the way you want them to be in the final result of the matter. It will take effort, but stay optimistic. Every eclipse is on a mission to find and expose weak links, so when the universe shows you what it finds, you may be disappointed, sad, or shocked, but eclipses deal in truth, so be grateful for that.

This May 5 eclipse in Scorpio is tied in theme to the full moon lunar eclipse of November 8 last year. When you look back at your calendar, check for events that occurred October 10 and December 7, too. Astrologers work with bell curves, so you could feel an eclipse before it actually happens (this will be true for 10 percent of readers) or conversely, one month to the day after it occurs (15 percent of readers). Most eclipses deliver their news within five days of the date they fall (75 percent). Allow a plus or minus five days in all cases. Consider always reading your forecast for your rising sign as well as your Sun sign to get a 360-degree view of what is to come.

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