Pisces Horoscope for May 2022

Your May Horoscope for Pisces

You may go to a seminar that gives you deeper understanding of the industry you are in now or hope to enter soon. You may make an application to a university for undergraduate or graduate school now, or you may be getting your diploma. You may defend your thesis at this eclipse and get approval for your concept. You may have jury duty and become enlightened by the inner workings of the courts system. As I mentioned earlier, things that happen at eclipse time tend to have a long-lasting effect and often mark life events that we long remember and feel changed by.

I love that Mars, still in Pisces, and Pluto in Capricorn will both be friendly to the total eclipse of the moon in Scorpio because Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio. This is amazing! How about that—you have both rulers of Scorpio on your side! This is such a good sign that the final resolve of this eclipse, no matter what comes up, will have a positive outcome for you.

If you are thinking, wait, Mars was friendly to the first solar eclipse (April 30) at 10 degrees, so how could Mars also be friendly to the lunar eclipse at 25 degrees? The answer is that Mars is at a healthy speed and just happens to be in the perfect position both times. Mars is in Pisces, giving you more control over events.

Pluto’s position in your eleventh house of friendship and groups of all kinds suggests you might make a powerful, self-made friend at an event you attend (convention, charity dinner, wedding, anniversary party, and so forth). At this event, you may meet someone who has the right expertise to be a help to you regarding a personal or professional goal you are working on now and will feel lucky to have made this person’s acquaintance.

There is a downside to this lunar eclipse. Saturn in Aquarius will be tightly square the Sun in Taurus and full moon in Scorpio. Saturn could add responsibility to your shoulders, and you may find yourself working hard behind closed doors, to block out distraction, on a project. Or you may feel that something is going on behind the scenes, activities you are not privy to but that are complicating your life. You may need to untangle what has come up. Saturn can be draining, so make sure you watch your health by eating nutritiously and getting enough rest.

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