Pisces Horoscope for May 2022

Your May Horoscope for Pisces

Much of the money you’ll earn will refer back to the seeds you planted during Jupiter in Pisces. That is why I said if there is someone you still need to see and present your proposal or ideas to, do it immediately, up to May 10 (and you will get a second chance from October 27 to December 20 when Jupiter comes back, being extra-strong from November 23 to December 20, 2022).

Jupiter will be in Aries after May 10, and that’s a get-up-and-go, can-do entrepreneurial sign. If you are starting your own business or placing something on the market that is new and innovative that you have developed, it would be right in line with the ethos of Jupiter in Aries. The world runs on ideas, and now it’s time to materialize those ideas and allow your imagination full range. You can find people who have the expertise to help you—you don’t have to know how to fit all the piece of the puzzle into place. Steve Jobs, a Pisces, was not an engineer, yet his instinct led him forward. Software engineers he hired helped him materialize his vision, and he wound up changing the world.

In a normal year we get four eclipses, and some years hold as many as seven or eight eclipses, but those years are a little more difficult navigate—eclipses often require an adjustment to changing conditions. This year is normal, though, and we get four eclipses.

Eclipses always come in pairs, coinciding with a new moon and full moon, two weeks apart. All eclipses are strong—they can move mountains. In fact, eclipses are the most powerful method the universe uses to create rapid change. They arrive in a family of signs, and the current series is in water-sign Scorpio and earth-sign Taurus, signs that blend well with your Pisces Sun. That alone is a comfort—it suggests that the changes the eclipses bring will work to your favor. A series of signs lasts 18 to 24 months.

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