Pisces Horoscope for May 2022

Your May Horoscope for Pisces

Mercury retrograde is a good time to go back to earlier projects you had put aside or to reconnect with people from your past, but it’s not well suited for starting new projects, especially in the high tech or communications sector. It’s not the time to make a written agreement or sign a contract, for you would only have to change it later. If you need to make a binding agreement, do so early in the month or wait until several days after Mercury goes direct, June 3. (Never rush to act at the “bookend” dates—the start and end dates of a Mercury retrograde—for that is when Mercury is at his most mischievous.)

Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, has favored you for months, and you have been busy planting seeds for your future. Jupiter only graces a sign every 12 years for approximately a full year. You had Jupiter in Pisces last year, 2021, from May 13 to July 28 and then gain from December 28, 2021, to May 10, 2022.

Jupiter will leave Pisces this month to enter Aries on May 10 but will return to Pisces from October 27 to December 20, 2022. Jupiter will be retrograde from October 27 to November 23, so the best part of that period will be when Jupiter is moving direct from November 23 to December 20, 2022.

After December 20, 2022, Jupiter will not be back to Pisces until April 2033. No tears on your pillow about Jupiter’s departure, however, for Jupiter in Aries (after December 20) will fill your second house of earned income and bring you a financial bonanza in the coming months. It will be gratifying to see that much of the work you did earlier to prepare for future income will pay off, bringing an abundant harvest.

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