Pisces Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Pisces

by Susan Miller

I am being dramatic, but after this trend is over, you’ll need to wait 12 year until you have aspects this spectacular again. This new moon and Sun will be conjunct Venus, a very good sign that you will love your interior design choices later.

The only problem will be Saturn, currently in Pisces and square the new moon, so you may be very cognizant of the weight of the decision you are making. Saturn makes us grow up and also makes us tackle a big goal, one that only a year or two ago would have been beyond your ability to do. Saturn is now at 18 degrees, pressing on Pisces with birthdays that fall within five days (plus or minus) of March 9. As I wrote last month, Pisces born in February had their hardest tests from Saturn last year.

You seem to have been spending a lot of money lately, but that will lessen once Mars moves out of Aries, a trend that started April 30 and will continue to June 8. After June 8, you may be able to breathe with relief.

Will you get a chance to travel? It’s possible when Mars enters Taurus from June 8 to July 20. You won’t likely go far or stay long with so much going on at home, but a road trip over a weekend or a short airplane jaunt would be possible.

You have a very social full moon due on June 21 in Capricorn, 1 degree. It looks like you will be invited to a party or wedding—something that will bring many friends together—and it would be quite lovely. This seems to be a not-to-miss event. By this time, Venus will have moved to Cancer, a perfect place for you to enjoy love. Venus will glide through Cancer from June 17 to July 11.

Neptune will be square the full moon, so ask about the dress code and the purpose of the party. You will want to be in sync with friends. Check the address too—it looks like you may have to drive or take a train to attend.

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