Pisces Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Pisces

by Susan Miller

Benefic Jupiter brings a large, sunny space with large closets and often offers a sweeping view. The house or apartment would be in the neighborhood you hoped to live, or close to it. Jupiter entered your home sector on May 25, and you will have Jupiter for an entire year, until June 9, 2025, so you have time to plan and look. I will admit, this month’s new moon comes laden with such special opportunity that I would like you to look at your options now.

Something else is happening that is special and very lucky. Jupiter and Pluto will be in perfect sync, so although you may spend more than you had planned to buy the house or condo, or more for a renovation than you estimated, the results will be stunning and give you great value.

You can buy or rent a beautiful vacation home or rent your first apartment and love it so much you will want all your friends to come over to see it. You might, instead, buy a new piece of furniture—possibly at a bargain—that makes your living room look just right. Remember, Jupiter brings luck, so bargains are possible.

Have you been wondering when to refresh your living quarters, and not sure when to start?

In a way, it’s now or never dear Pisces.

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