Pisces Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Pisces

by Susan Miller

If you are not thinking about your physical home, you may be finding ways to help a parent in need. I remember when my sister and I worked on finding solutions for our mother, Little Mom, who we loved dearly. She was well enough to be home, so we had to find a warm, trustworthy aide to live with her and do cooking, grocery shopping, and laundry and take her to the doctor occasionally.

We also needed to have a backup aide if the primary aide could not work that day. We found the right solution, but initially, we felt like we had been submerged in a subculture we knew nothing about—but we learned quickly and made the right decisions. Little Mom was very happy to be able to live home, and she loved the aids that cared for her.

Good-fortune Jupiter has not been in Gemini for 12 years, so if you have been thinking of doing extensive repairs (or you have a fixer upper), this year would be a superb time to do so. If you are looking at new spaces to move into or are talking to a contractor to transform your space, you will have the element of enormous luck, so don’t settle for anything less than your dream vision.

It looks like you will be invited to a party or wedding near the full moon due on June 21, and this seems to be a not-to-miss event.

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