Pisces Horoscope for June 2024

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JUNE 2024

Dear Reader,

Your June forecast is now posted. Susan has come down with a virulent virus and will not be able to write her normal News for the month.

Overall, June will be a wonderful month no matter what sign you are, with a new moon in Cancer on June 6 and a full moon in Capricorn on June 21. A spectacular and rare event will occur on June 2 when Jupiter will trine Pluto—a 5-star day. June is packed full with planetary activity, so be sure to check your Astrology Zone calendar, which is now priced at $13.50—50% off—available exclusively on Astrologyzone.com.

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Your June 2024 Horoscope for Pisces

by Susan Miller

This month, June, could be a major game-changer when you turn away from career concerns and focus on making your home life more inviting and reflective of you. If you have been looking for a new house or apartment, or want to buy or rent other property, it is unlikely that you would have found your dream space before the new moon appears in your fourth house of home and family. New moons open a portal of opportunity, and you will likely be excited about one space in the days that follow the new moon on June 6 in Gemini at 16 degrees.

This lovely new moon will enter with her partner the Sun (opportunity) along with Venus (beauty), Mercury (news), and Jupiter (luck). This new moon will support you in many ways. Perhaps the most important aspect is Mercury in conjunction with good-fortune Jupiter on June 4. Wow. This only happens once a year, and it is coinciding with the new moon! It will be 12 years before Mercury and Jupiter will meet again in Gemini in your house of home. You really are luckier than a Leprechaun, dear Pisces.

Mercury and Jupiter will still be within tight mathematical significance at the new moon June 6, which will heap more luck on you. Your house of home and family is ruled by Mercury, the reason that planet will play a leading role at the new moon. Gemini is an air sign, and like the wind, news will start to arrive swiftly. Gemini is a double-bodied sign, so if you are looking for a house, you may find two apartments or houses that you like, and you can choose your favorite. Even if you are shopping for furniture, you may have a hard time choosing between two handsome pieces. With Gemini, everything arrives in twos.

At the new moon, Mercury will receive a friendly beam from Pluto, so if you are doing some demolition work, working on the plumbing, or are redoing the basement, Pluto’s support will be a gift from the angels. Venus will be in lovely angle to the new moon, adding beauty to your vision of your home to be.

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