Pisces Horoscope for June 2022

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Your Horoscope for Pisces

Life is getting better for you, and June will be quite an improvement over May. Mercury was retrograde last month, starting May 10, and you felt like several areas of your life were on hold with delays coming one after another, and a visit to the repair shop became necessary—this all sounds familiar. This month will be different, for Mercury will go direct on June 3.

You experienced another change last month—Jupiter moved into Aries for the first time in 12 years and by June is settled into his new role of bringing you all kinds of financial benefits. Jupiter came laden with financial gifts, and the way a planet can do that is to have another planet come by to join forces—if the configuration is friendly, the gifts start to pour down on you. Getting the right planet to work with Jupiter is tricky, but lo and behold, you had the perfect planet come by, namely Mars, to conjoin Jupiter on May 29.

As you enter June, although no longer conjunct, Mars and Jupiter will still be orbiting close and showering your second house of earned income with a flurry of financial opportunities. A conjunction, a friendly one like this, is a big deal because all conjunctions represent the start of a new cycle—conjunctions are considered the most powerful aspect you could ever see in astrology.

Mars and Jupiter only meet for one day every two years, always in a different sign (house) of the horoscope. (The next conjunction of Jupiter and Mars will be on August 14, 2024, in Gemini.) When you have Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, financial growth, and expansion, orbiting close with Mars, the planet that teaches how to compete and win, your fervent actions will lead to profit.

With Jupiter and Mars in the perfect place in deep space, that duo immediately linked your home and family sector to your money sector (second house), which is raining diamonds these days. If you have any plans to improve your home or the home of a close relative (whether that be your parents or a grown child), it appears all the money you need will be available to make it happen. If you are in the market to buy, sell, or rent property, even for a vacation home, you are holding all aces.

For these reasons, I would like you to make an initiation during the first week of June. Mars and Jupiter will still be orbiting close enough to pour liquid gold into your financial account. Take full advantage of this! Mars is the natural ruler of your solar second house of earned income—there is good money to be made.

Money to pay for home or family plans may come out of your savings, be received as a home improvement loan or mortgage, or be given to you as an outright cash gift or an interest-free loan from a kind relative. In June, you will have exceptional family support for any home or family related dream you might have.

Now let’s turn to the actions of the new moon that occurred on May 30 that you will be working with as you enter June. That new moon fell in Gemini at 9 degrees. I discussed it in your May report, and will elaborate further here.

Something is culminating in your prestigious tenth house of professional honors, awards, and achievement, so you may get special praise, a new position, or thrilling publicity.

This was a darling new moon (May 30), full of sweetness and light that occurred in your home sector (fourth house). Remarkably, Jupiter and Mars, that golden duo, were in an ideal position in the sky to beam to the Sun and full moon in Gemini to help you achieve your home- or family-related plan now or in the months to come. Mercury rules your solar fourth house, so with Mercury moving direct on June 3, along with a new moon in this house, your plans should be shaping up more rapidly now.

You can now find a suitable place to move or the right contractor to renovate your kitchen. You might simply want to paint a room or two or buy one beautiful piece of furniture to make your living room complete. Many companies have sales at this time of the year, so you might fall in love with an item you find at a bargain price .

The Sun, which will receive benefits from Jupiter, indicates that you will get plenty of well-paying assignments this month. In fact, with a new moon in Gemini, the double-bodied sign of the Twins, you may get two lucrative jobs. The moon rules your solar fifth house of creativity, so whatever comes up will tap your imagination and originality.

I want you to watch the types of discussions you have in the first two weeks of June. Although this new moon May 30 will help you in all home- and family-related matters for weeks and months (a new moon can be influential up to six months), the energy will be strongest just after that new moon arrives. The reason I want you to notice what is happening regarding home and family matters in the first two weeks is that this new moon is in Gemini and later, starting on August 20, Mars will enter Gemini, and not for Mars’ typical stay of six weeks, but rather for a very long seven-month stay, not to leave until March 28, 2023. Mars will underscore and enlarge all you are thinking about now. So this new moon will be a precursor to what is to come.

Now let’s turn to travel, a popular subject after having been shuttered inside for more than two years. The pandemic is still with us, and people continue to die each week. You do have to be careful and smart about your approach to travel by integrating the advice of the authorities. I feel you may be tempted to spontaneously travel over the weekend of June 11-12 thanks to the embrace of Venus and Uranus in your third house of quick getaways. Venus will see that you have plenty of love and fun, and Uranus will sprinkle you with many surprises. The transiting moon will be in compatible Scorpio, so this weekend certainly is one of the best of the month for impulsive, fun travel. If your birthday falls on March 7, plus or minus five days, you will be especially touched by the gold dust in the air at this time.

Your attention will turn to your career on June 14, the full moon in Sagittarius, 23 degrees. This full moon will be an important one—it will light your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement, so you may be making an important announcement or product launch, opening your new business, taking on a new position, or receiving quite a bit of publicity at this time. Saturn will support this full moon fully, suggesting an older person behind the scenes will be quite impressed with you.

The one fly in the oatmeal will be that Neptune, your ruling planet, will be in hard angle to the Sun and new moon on June 14. This means you will need to be circumspect about any new deal presented to you. You may not have the entire story, making it hard to make a decision or projection of future profits. You may be making what you feel are reasonable assumptions that may not pan out. Double-check your thinking. If presented with a contract, see if you can sign at the new moon June 28, two weeks from this full moon.

Do not skip the services of an attorney, not with Neptune in Pisces in hard angle to the Sun in Gemini and full moon in Sagittarius. All these signs are classified as mutable signs, so both sides would be amenable to making needed changes and compromises in the contract. Mutable signs are the most flexible and resourceful of all signs and always have a Plan B if Plan A is not working.

On June 20, when Mercury is in sync with Jupiter, you may hear good news about money—a check may arrive when a matter comes to conclusion.

Mars recently entered Aries on May 24, and you may have found that since then, expenses have been climbing. You may have been rattled by having to write one unexpected check that seemed to come out of the blue. Just in case that has not yet happened, be conservative in spending this month. Whatever you need will still be there in July, and on July 5, Mars will slip out of Aries and into Taurus, a more compatible place for you. Let’s not forget that Jupiter is protecting your earning power in your second house of earned income

You may be wondering when you will be able to travel to enjoy the change of season—that will come during the time Mars tours Taurus, from July 5 to August 20. That’s when you will have time to breathe in fresh air and get a needed change of scene. Try to get away during that time period, for after that, when Mars will begin his huge emphasis on home and family, it is less likely you will be able to leave home for months due to the coming long tour of Mars in Gemini.

I will qualify that statement—if your brother needs you to help him pack a few things prior to his big move to a new house, or your sister or grown daughter just had a new baby and need you to help her, of course, you will want to go and lend a hand. The point is your family may need you. If you are fixing up a historic house that you own or asking your contractors to put in a new kitchen or bathroom, you will want to stay and monitor the progress. You may be needed to make decisions for your contractor too, as you go along. You won’t feel as free as you will in July and August, so if you are hoping for a vacation, take it then.

The month will have one more important aspect, a new moon in Cancer, 7 degrees, to open a new set of opportunities on June 28. This lovely new moon will give you a little nudge to take more time for fun, food, and frivolity with friends and family. You can take a domestic trip in the days that flow into July, and it would be a trip that you will thoroughly enjoy. The heavy expenses you are dealing with will simmer down after July 5, and that should give you a comforting feeling. Expenses won’t climb again until 2023, from August 27 to October 12.

If your birthday falls on from February 21 to March 3, you will find this June 28 new moon to be your buddy for it is beaming rays directly to you. The same is true if you have your natal moon in Pisces, or have Pisces rising, at 7 degrees, plus or minus five degrees. If you have a natal planet between 2 and 12 degrees Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, you, too, will get a double dip of pleasure.

I feel every Pisces will have something to be excited about after this new moon arrives. After June 28, you may spend more time with your children or with the children in the family. Cancer rules family and is especially tied to infants, babies, and tiny little ones that crawl and walk. You will be in a jovial state of mind, so you may want to plan a blended vacation that includes family and friends if you are headed to a location where long-term friends live now.

Alternatively, you might like to rent a beach house near the ocean or a lakeside cabin large enough that can accommodate several relatives so that you can start a tradition where once a year, you can include grandmother and grandfather with your family and have lots of fun.

If you are single and hoping to meet someone new, circulate more in the days after June 28 into the first weeks of July. Attached couples won’t be left out! Plan some exciting activities so that you have something specific to look forward to doing. It can be as simple as having a weekend to yourselves, if your mother will opt to take care of your children. Be creative—you don’t have to spend a lot to have a lot of fun.

If you are hoping for a baby, this new moon on June 28 will help you with that dream, so it would be worth trying at that time or, if you have had problems with conception, to see a fertility doctor. This would also be the right time to put in papers in the hopes of adopting a child.

Next month, from July 17 until August 11, Venus will move through Cancer, a great supportive place for Venus to be for you. Fun is coming, dear Pisces. Believe it and have faith that the pressures you’ve been under lately will melt away eventually. Better days are due.


You are in an exciting period where the seeds you are planting are coming up quickly in your garden. With Mars in your second house of earned income, you have expenses, but you also are poised to see generous sums of money come in thanks to the position of Jupiter in Aries. You seem to be involved in innovative, entrepreneurial assignments that are causing this uptick in income. If you have not received an offer to work on something very new and untried, it appears to be coming. Entertain offers—one of them will be a jewel and provide a steady stream of money to you in the future.

As a postscript, don’t run out to buy lotto tickets, for the money I see coming in will be earned income that you generate. Don’t be sad to hear that—this is money you can grow as you become more skilled and experienced in your profession.

Let’s look first at the new moon in Gemini, which appeared May 30 and which will be so influential as you go through June. This new moon, falling in your fourth house, will put a strong focus on your family and your home. This is the start of a much larger theme that will sprout up in the third week of August and remain a major focus for you all the way through almost all of March 2023. You should get a clue of why home and family will be such a big area of focus then as you enter June, after the May 30 new moon arrives.

You may need to move, renovate, make repairs, or work with an architect to build a house from scratch. Alternatively, you may be helping a family member with her newborn baby, or another family member, most likely your parent, who would appreciate your help with little things like setting up auto-pay of recurring bills on the computer. This new moon will be the first clue that the universe will send you that your home, other property, or family—or people associated with your home, such as a housekeeper or nanny—will be on your mind later in a much bigger way after August 20 and in the months to follow that date.

You will turn to your career mid-month, for the full moon of June 14 will emphasize work and could easily bring big news. Something is culminating in your prestigious tenth house of professional honors, awards, and achievement, so you may get special praise, a new position, or thrilling publicity. A full moon in Sagittarius often has global application. Jupiter takes the lead, and here we find Jupiter in your income house, suggesting that the news won’t be all glory but with no money offered—just the opposite. The compensation associated with any job you finish at this time should be generous.

Jupiter will contact Mercury in the friendliest way at this full moon June 14 (to come to a peak on June 20). News about property or family should be upbeat. Because Mercury is currently in Gemini, the sign it rules, Mercury will be stronger than usual. Mercury rules Pisces’ fourth house of home, which is the reason I feel news about home will be concurrent to good news about your career.

When it comes to your reputation, standing in the community, and career progress, Mercury is associated with communication, agreements, contracts, travel, and sales—all these areas are emitting a warming glow. You may be working on a publishing or broadcasting project, and if so, it will go well, too.

One little sticky aspect associated with the full moon of June 14 involves Neptune, which will be in harsh square (at 90 degrees) to both the Sun and full moon. Neptune is your ruling planet, dear Pisces, so you do need to pay attention to what this aspect means. Neptune can throw a veil over reality, making an offer look better than it really is.

For this reason, contact a lawyer—you don’t want to trifle with Neptune square the Sun and moon. Neptune is playing a big role! All the planets involved are in mutable signs, thank goodness, and that tells me that talking over any troublesome clauses in the contract or job order is a good idea because all parties will be flexible and likely fair.

After concentrating on these important topics, you will want to relax and be appreciated by someone special for all that you are and all that you can be. The universe understands and is sending you a glorious new moon in Cancer, June 28, one of your happiest events of the month. A new moon opens a new path, and this one will be on a mission to bring you more fun.

If you are single, it’s the perfect sign to generate a breathless, lasting, romance. If you are attached, you can flirt with your partner like you did when you first met—it looks like your partner will respond with enthusiasm.

If you are artistic (and many Pisces are highly imaginative), you may get an important assignment that will allow you to showcase the full range of your talents after that new moon arrives on June 28. Being involved in imaginative projects is always important to a Pisces.

Concurrent to this beautiful new moon, June 28, if you are selling property as June winds down to a close, Venus and Jupiter’s interaction at this time suggests you’ll get more than your asking price. If you say that you’re not selling any property or furniture, then you may be very fortunate to receive money from family or, when shopping for home goods, find amazing bargains for quality items. See how this encouraging new moon works out. You could be lucky with family money at this time.

In all, I feel you’ll love June. It will have none of the delays and mix-ups that May had in store for you due to Mercury retrograde. Mercury will turn direct on June 3. From that moment on, you will feel a great blast of energy, and the pace of life will speed forward. June has many gifts for you, so make the most of it!

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