Pisces Horoscope for June 2022

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Your Horoscope for Pisces

As a postscript, don’t run out to buy lotto tickets, for the money I see coming in will be earned income that you generate. Don’t be sad to hear that—this is money you can grow as you become more skilled and experienced in your profession.

Let’s look first at the new moon in Gemini, which appeared May 30 and which will be so influential as you go through June. This new moon, falling in your fourth house, will put a strong focus on your family and your home. This is the start of a much larger theme that will sprout up in the third week of August and remain a major focus for you all the way through almost all of March 2023. You should get a clue of why home and family will be such a big area of focus then as you enter June, after the May 30 new moon arrives.

You may need to move, renovate, make repairs, or work with an architect to build a house from scratch. Alternatively, you may be helping a family member with her newborn baby, or another family member, most likely your parent, who would appreciate your help with little things like setting up auto-pay of recurring bills on the computer. This new moon will be the first clue that the universe will send you that your home, other property, or family—or people associated with your home, such as a housekeeper or nanny—will be on your mind later in a much bigger way after August 20 and in the months to follow that date.

You will turn to your career mid-month, for the full moon of June 14 will emphasize work and could easily bring big news. Something is culminating in your prestigious tenth house of professional honors, awards, and achievement, so you may get special praise, a new position, or thrilling publicity. A full moon in Sagittarius often has global application. Jupiter takes the lead, and here we find Jupiter in your income house, suggesting that the news won’t be all glory but with no money offered—just the opposite. The compensation associated with any job you finish at this time should be generous.

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