Pisces Horoscope for June 2022

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Your Horoscope for Pisces

This was a darling new moon (May 30), full of sweetness and light that occurred in your home sector (fourth house). Remarkably, Jupiter and Mars, that golden duo, were in an ideal position in the sky to beam to the Sun and full moon in Gemini to help you achieve your home- or family-related plan now or in the months to come. Mercury rules your solar fourth house, so with Mercury moving direct on June 3, along with a new moon in this house, your plans should be shaping up more rapidly now.

You can now find a suitable place to move or the right contractor to renovate your kitchen. You might simply want to paint a room or two or buy one beautiful piece of furniture to make your living room complete. Many companies have sales at this time of the year, so you might fall in love with an item you find at a bargain price .

The Sun, which will receive benefits from Jupiter, indicates that you will get plenty of well-paying assignments this month. In fact, with a new moon in Gemini, the double-bodied sign of the Twins, you may get two lucrative jobs. The moon rules your solar fifth house of creativity, so whatever comes up will tap your imagination and originality.

I want you to watch the types of discussions you have in the first two weeks of June. Although this new moon May 30 will help you in all home- and family-related matters for weeks and months (a new moon can be influential up to six months), the energy will be strongest just after that new moon arrives. The reason I want you to notice what is happening regarding home and family matters in the first two weeks is that this new moon is in Gemini and later, starting on August 20, Mars will enter Gemini, and not for Mars’ typical stay of six weeks, but rather for a very long seven-month stay, not to leave until March 28, 2023. Mars will underscore and enlarge all you are thinking about now. So this new moon will be a precursor to what is to come.

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