Pisces Horoscope for June 2022

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Your Horoscope for Pisces

If you are single, it’s the perfect sign to generate a breathless, lasting, romance. If you are attached, you can flirt with your partner like you did when you first met—it looks like your partner will respond with enthusiasm.

If you are artistic (and many Pisces are highly imaginative), you may get an important assignment that will allow you to showcase the full range of your talents after that new moon arrives on June 28. Being involved in imaginative projects is always important to a Pisces.

Concurrent to this beautiful new moon, June 28, if you are selling property as June winds down to a close, Venus and Jupiter’s interaction at this time suggests you’ll get more than your asking price. If you say that you’re not selling any property or furniture, then you may be very fortunate to receive money from family or, when shopping for home goods, find amazing bargains for quality items. See how this encouraging new moon works out. You could be lucky with family money at this time.

In all, I feel you’ll love June. It will have none of the delays and mix-ups that May had in store for you due to Mercury retrograde. Mercury will turn direct on June 3. From that moment on, you will feel a great blast of energy, and the pace of life will speed forward. June has many gifts for you, so make the most of it!Taschen Astrology Book

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