Pisces Horoscope for June 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

As they say in cowboy movies, meanwhile, back at the ranch, you appear to be having a lot going on with family and possibly your physical residence as well. You may be caring for a beloved relative who is not well or in need of your advice. Or you may need to move or make massive or important changes to your home. Either way, it will take time to sort out all the details.

This is not to say things regarding home and family have been entirely easy, but you are learning how to best create the changes you need to make. If you have reached a roadblock in your home or family plans, things will open up after the new moon solar eclipse of June 10 in Gemini, the second of the pair. In fact, you may come up with two solutions, each one viable and interesting, and you’ll have to choose which solution feels best to you.

You seem to be doing a very good job searching for answers in regard to this home-related matter, for again, long-term planet Saturn is in the ideal position to give you a comforting feeling of security and long-term contentment.

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