Pisces Horoscope for June 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Now let’s look at what Mars may be doing this month. You had Mars in Cancer, a gorgeous place for Mars to be because it brought you in contact with friends, and possibly, if single, with a new love interest. You may have been working on the broad strokes of a creative idea, too.

Now with the move of action-oriented Mars into Leo, your sixth house, you will get into the tiny details of a creative project you have been designing. You will have Mars to help you with that from June 11 to July 29.

There is no doubt that you will be working hard on projects in June and July, even if you are not working on a creative project. Clients will be sending a steady stream of work to you, and it will be flattering to be so in demand. You might even need to hire help to get all the work out the door.

Be sure not to be on vacation in July, but if you hoped to work in a pretty country setting on your laptop, that would be okay, just as long as you don’t have spotty cell phone service.

The sixth house—so lit up for you—rules not only your work-a-day experience but also your health. If you need a procedure or a physical exam, do it in June or July. The August 8 new moon in this same area of your chart will, I’m sorry to say, be flawed, so focus on the end of June—I love June 24—and also in the following month, July 12. You may not be able to maneuver the dates, but try to get close to these dates as you can.

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