Pisces Horoscope for June 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The next eclipse (eclipses always arrive in pairs) will appear June 10 in Gemini and, like it did in 2002, it will open a new path in your fourth house of home. While lunar eclipses like the one in May bring endings, solar eclipses bring fresh starts. You might be moving, renovating, renting, or buying a weekend vacation cottage, doing a massive repair job on a fixer-upper, selecting furniture for you home, or inviting a relative or roommate to live with you. Often, an eclipse will bring changes in the domestic condition—for example, you may hear that you will be welcoming a new baby to the family. If your mother would like to have an aide live with her, you may search and find the perfect individual to help your mother. If your father wants an assisted living solution, you will find that solution.

I am enthusiastic about this new moon because Saturn is so sweetly angled to it. Saturn rules your eleventh house of friendship, so a friend may play an important role in what happens on this eclipse. Saturn stabilizes everything it touches, so the choices you make and the news you hear at this time will help you feel more secure and settled.

Just as energy might have bounced across the sky near the May 26 eclipse and brought changes in your fourth house of home, this June 10 eclipse might bring an exciting professional development in your career. These days, both areas of your life are lit up, private and public.

You have a peach of a full moon due on June 24 in Capricorn, flooding your house of friendship, so you will likely socialize with one close friend, and it will be a moment to indulge in a bit of luxury.

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