Pisces Horoscope for July 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Now let’s look at this month’s key aspects.

The first big moment this month will arrive with the new moon in Cancer on July 9 at 18 degrees where it will light your fifth house of true love. It is a peach of a new moon, packed with happy surprises. This comes thanks to Uranus in ideal sextile (60 degrees) to the Sun and moon. This suggests that if you are single, you may have a fateful meeting with a romantic interest. The meeting would be very electric with superb chemistry between you and that new person, and certainly you would want to get to know one another better. The new moon is in sensitive water-sign Cancer, a sign that blends divinely with yours. Uranus is touring your third house of quick, short trips, such as within 200 miles from home. This is where you are likely to meet that person.

Alternatively, the third house also rules writing and speaking—communication—so it might be through your work that the meeting comes to be. You may give a public appearance, or someone may become familiar with your work and write to you.

If you are attached, you are about to experience a romantic episode that could seem to come out of the silver screen. Plan something special in the days that follow the new moon, July 9. You may want to go away together on a trip, and if so, bring your children for bushels of fun. Call ahead to the innkeeper or concierge about availability of babysitters at your chosen location—you will want some “just us two” time together, too.

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