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Happy New Year.

The day after Christmas I came down with terrible cold, so I spent the holidays inside recuperating and am now starting to feel better. I was so relived and grateful it was not COVID. Because I love to cook, I had made a big batch of chicken soup with many vegetables two months ago, and I have been living on that all week. I am so glad I have it.

I am excited to be back out at public events to speak and meet new people and reconnect with the ones I’ve met over the years. Unfortunately, because I’ve been sick, I had to cancel a few January appearances, including the special one on January 7 in Dallas, which is now rescheduled for February 18 in Dallas from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM with a lunch afterwards. At lunch I’ll be available to talk one-on-one and answer any questions you have. The topic will be the Year Ahead 2023, and I am honored to give the keynote speech

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Your January Horoscope for Pisces

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It’s been said that Pisces are very close to their families. You seem to be proving this vividly. Ever since Mars entered Gemini on August 20, you have been very attentive to things going on in regard to one family member. It may be that your mother has needed advice or options for a doctor or living situation. Or it may be that your sister or daughter had a baby and needs help caring for the wee one. Mars can add some conflict, and although I have never found this to be the case, I will mention it here in case you do. If you are noticing a family squabble has taken root, but nothing is leading to a solution, there is hope. Here is why.

Mars has been retrograde since October 20 but will turn direct January 12. Mars, the energy planet, is the fuel you put in your car to make it go. Mars goes retrograde only every two years, so we are not used to seeing Mars withhold his great powers. We certainly feel the difference during his retrograde, though. No matter how hard you may have worked to solve things, it may not have led you to productivity or progress.

If your family is not the focus, you may have been determined to move, rent, buy, or sell an apartment, house, or condo, do a renovation, make a series of important repairs, paint your entire space, declutter, refresh your décor, or do some landscaping of your property for seasonal flowers—no matter what has been on your list, you faced strong headwinds that kept pushing you backward. Obstacles came in the way. Now with Mars moving ahead on January 12, you will gradually see things improve. No planet snaps to its former strength the moment it wakes up, but rather needs a little time to ramp that energy up to its former strength. You will notice that at last, things are starting to move in the right direction.

Little copycat Mercury, a clever little planet, ruling communication and contractual agreements, as well as moving parts in machines and the spark in all electronic items, looks up to his big brother Mars. When Mercury saw his brother sleeping on the couch, he thought, Hey, I could use some rest, too. Mercury went for a nap (retrograde) on December 29 and will go direct January 18.

You may be the only sign of the zodiac that will enjoy this Mercury retrograde because it will be in Capricorn, your friendship sector (eleventh house), which means you could easily run into friends from the past—anywhere! On the street, at a party, at a seminar. Wherever you happen to be during the first nearly three weeks of January, you could experience this exciting happenstance. You can push things forward too—take the initiative and get in touch with a friend you knew from work or college. Your friend will be so happy to hear from you.

The tender full moon in Cancer, 16 degrees, falling on Friday, January 6, is one you will adore. It will light you fifth house of true love, so if you are in love and dating seriously, or if you are attached or married to your one truelove, you could have a breathtaking experience with that person, an evening you will not forget. Uranus will be very friendly and active during this full moon, so be out and about—surprises will sprinkle over you like pixie dust from heaven. If you have no special person in your life, you might meet someone on this magical evening. Remember, nothing will happen if you stay home.

Alternatively, it could be a day that signals the stork may soon be coming your way with a little bundle of joy. If you already have children, you might be taking them on a special outing at this enchanting full moon. (All full moons have an extra five days of influence, so you’ll have time to use it.) Not up for that? You might want to treat yourself to a facial or massage, now that it seems safe to do so.

Between now and May 16, you will be in the most financially rewarding period of your life, so work on ways to find sources of income.

There is one other way you may experience this gorgeous full moon. You may be finishing up a creative project that will get you considerable applause—it will be a sparkling moment in your timeline.

If your birthday falls on March 7, plus or minus five days, you will feel this full moon in a stronger way than other members of your sign. The same is true if you have Pisces rising within five degrees of 16 degrees, or your natal moon is in Pisces within the same tolerance of degrees. If you know your chart, look to see if you have a planet in Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn at 16 degrees, plus or minus five degrees. If you do, you, too, will feel the benefit of this fairy-tale full moon.

Now let’s look at the new moon in Aquarius, 2 degrees, due on January 21. This new moon will open a portal in your twelfth house. This is a highly creative area of the chart, where ideas come from deep within your subconscious. Your creativity will blossom if you take time alone, away from the cacophony around you.

The twelfth house is the area of solitude. You will be highly intuitive during this time, so listen to the small voice within. Adding to the strength of this gorgeous new moon is the fact that Uranus, the planet ruling Aquarius and therefore all innovation and originality, and which has been retrograde since August 24, will go direct on January 22, the day after the new moon. Uranus, now moving in a stronger orbit, will give a big boost to your artistic effort. There is a lot of indication that writing and speaking will become more important to you as a creative outlet as time goes on. If you are inclined to take a creative writing class or a course on podcasting or social media, what you learn may come in handy, especially in May and beyond this year.

The twelfth house has also been called the house of secrets, so if anyone has withheld a secret from you, in the coming weeks you may find out what it is. If you have a secret, be careful if you don’t want it to become public information—keep a lid on it.

Jupiter, now in Aries, will aspect this new moon, so you may receive a windfall of cash, or money owed to you for a long time could finally be paid as a result of this new moon in Aquarius. Mars from your house of family will also send a lovely “trine” (heavenly aspect) to the new moon, so you may see a gratifying breakthrough with a home-related matter.

Let’s talk about Jupiter in Aries for a moment. You had Jupiter in this position earlier in 2022, from May 10 to October 27. Jupiter suddenly ducked out of Aries and into Pisces from October 27 to December 20. Both signs are wildly positive for you, so you may have had something to cheer about in November or December. Now Jupiter is back to Aries, your second house of income. Between now and May 16, you will be in the most financially rewarding period of your life, so work on ways to find sources of income.

The way astrology works best is that we have to partner with the universe and make initiations toward things we passionately want to achieve. If you do, the universe is ready to meet you more than halfway and make it happen. Having Jupiter in Aries only happens every 12 years, so make the most of this lovely, generous period that will last until May 16.


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You will like the way January begins, for on the first weekend, a full moon in Cancer will glow in your house of true love on Friday, January 6. This sparkly full moon will spill over the entire weekend of January 7-8 and into Monday, January 9. Single or attached, this could bring one of your most enchanting weekends you’ve seen in a long time.

If you have children, you might include them in a very different style of celebration, one enveloping you in the closeness of love and family. Uranus will be active and reach out to the Sun and full moon in a friendly way, possibly bringing a surprise, spontaneous outing or trip that could easily create a memorable episode of joy.

Pisces is a highly creative sign, and the fifth house, which will be so brilliantly lit on January 6, may have you finishing up a special artistic project that you will be excited to show others. This full moon will deliver its news within five days after it appears.

Mars has been retrograde since October 30 and will go direct on January 12. Mars rules action, but when Mars sleeps in retrograde, the pace of life seems to move at a snail’s pace. Mars has been visiting your home and family sector, so if you felt you could not start an important home improvement project or been able to visit family based at a distance, you will soon see things improve and kick into action after January 12.

Mars’ little brother Mercury is known to be a copycat, so Mercury went retrograde too, starting on December 29, and will go direct January 18. These retrogrades of two major planets that orbit close to Earth show that the month will have a soft, slow start, and that may be fine with you—you will have more time for your romantic life without interference from work. Mercury will be retrograde in your friendship sector until January 18, so you may be one of the few signs that will enjoy this trend. Mercury will see that you run into one old friend, and you will be thrilled to catch up.

The new moon on January 21 will fall in Aquarius and bring on a project that requires privacy or concentration behind closed doors. Mars will be especially helpful at this new moon and send a direct “trine” (a supremely harmonious aspect) that will allow you to move ahead with a residential move, renovation, or repair project or enjoy spending time with family.

The twelfth house is also one of health and healing, so if you want to seek help for a dependance on any kind of substance that is harming your health, this would be the right time to investigate rehab. Start now, and you would see impressive results.

Financially, you will do supremely well this month, for Jupiter and Pluto are in rare, harmonious conversation, within four small degrees of a perfect sextile. This aspect is a signature of success, doubly so since Jupiter is in your financial second house of earned income, and Pluto is now touring your eleventh house of community, encompassing your adoring followers and friends. You have a number of influential friends, and one may speak up for you, the result being a jewel of an assignment that will pay you exceedingly well.

Venus will enter Pisces on January 26 and stay until February 20, hinting at a banner Valentine’s Day this year for you. If you have no one yet, then circulate—you are under glittering vibrations, dear Pisces.

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