Pisces Horoscope for January 2023

Your January Horoscope for Pisces

Mars’ little brother Mercury is known to be a copycat, so Mercury went retrograde too, starting on December 29, and will go direct January 18. These retrogrades of two major planets that orbit close to Earth show that the month will have a soft, slow start, and that may be fine with you—you will have more time for your romantic life without interference from work. Mercury will be retrograde in your friendship sector until January 18, so you may be one of the few signs that will enjoy this trend. Mercury will see that you run into one old friend, and you will be thrilled to catch up.

The new moon on January 21 will fall in Aquarius and bring on a project that requires privacy or concentration behind closed doors. Mars will be especially helpful at this new moon and send a direct “trine” (a supremely harmonious aspect) that will allow you to move ahead with a residential move, renovation, or repair project or enjoy spending time with family.

The twelfth house is also one of health and healing, so if you want to seek help for a dependance on any kind of substance that is harming your health, this would be the right time to investigate rehab. Start now, and you would see impressive results.

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